The legacy Michael Lacey is creating

Michael Lacey has built a legacy for himself over the years as an American mathematician. He took up the direction of mathematics in his career right from when he was in school. The most recent educational achievement he has had is the Ph.D. from the University of Illinois. For his thesis, he solved an actual problem which had been existing in the field of mathematics. It was in the field of probability in Banach Spaces. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

He has been working ever since and has gained a lot of experience. He has researched in the fields of probability, ergodic theories, and harmonic analysis.

Apart from his actual contributions in the field of mathematics, more specifically in the field of research, Michael Lacey is also enthusiastic about ensuring that the generation being created is also elite in the field of mathematics. In line with this, he is a mentor for students most especially those who are doctoral or pre-doctoral students in the field of mathematics.

The Georgia Institute of Technology has benefitted from his expertise since the year 1996. In this institute, he has been able to interact with students, from the lowest up to even the highest levels. Most of the undergraduates who were under his mentorship went on to pursue graduate courses in the same field. This is mostly because he concentrates more on building the passion within these students. Read more: Michael Lacey | GAtech and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

The passion he transmits to those he mentors is usually so evident. Currently, for instance, more than 10 post-graduates he has mentored have gone on to become career people in the field of mathematics. They have landed industry jobs as well as academic jobs.

Since Michael joined the Georgia Institute of technology, he has continued carrying out research relevant to the area of mathematics. His research has been fruitful to the extent of his research findings being recognized and rewarded in awards such as the Guggenheim and the Simons Foundations awards.

He continues to be consistent in the research he is carrying out. He has concentrated on the areas of probability and harmonic analysis. His contributions in these fields are already sizeable but he still looks forward to simplifying these fields further.

Susan McGalla On Women In The Workplace

Little did Susan McGalla know growing up as a little girl in small town Ohio would place a significant role in who she would become as an adult. Her desire and work to help elevate women did not start once she became a big time executive. It started in her youth. In was in her youth growing up in a household with many boys that she developed her self-esteem and sense of her self. She learned to handle herself around men. She learned what it felt like to be the only female in atmospheres around men.

Today, she is known for her dynamics and strategies regarding upward mobility for women in the workplace. Times are changing. Corporations are becoming more aware of how men dominate the top leading positions at a company. These corporations are starting to bring more women into leading positions. However, the disproportion of male to women job roles still exists. Susan McGalla works hard to pursue this.

She aids women in moving up the corporate ladder by speaking and writing to them. She uses her own work history has a source of inspiration. Working for many big time corporations and experiencing the stark ratio of how many more men there are in top executive roles than women. Today, she works as the VP of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers. As a top executive for the team, she stands as a symbol of hope and inspiration for women everywhere moving up the ranks.

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Getting Ahead of IP With Kamil Idris

Although we’re currently three-quarters of a year away from World Intellectual Property Day – the holiday was created by the World Intellectual Property Organization in 2000, originally held on April 26, the day it meets on every year – it’s never an inappropriate time to learn about the concept of intellectual property.

Kamil Idris was the Director General – this position is the highest rank within the entire hierarchy of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) – of WIPO from 1997 to 2008. During his 11-year run atop WIPO, Professor Kamil Idris had joined forces with the organization’s creative team to create the World Intellectual Property Day in the name of raising awareness for the importance of patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights – better known as intellectual property.

Mr. Idris is called Dr. Idris by some – he does have a doctoral degree in international law, technically giving him the name of a doctor – though he prefers Professor Kamil Idris. After all, he’s never been a physician, but he has taught for some five years at the college and university level.

Professor Kamil Idris knows how important intellectual property is to the welfare of countries

When countries have more to offer, they experience greater economic activity than their not-so-great counterparts. Intellectual property is often worth more to nations’ well-being than expensive physical assets like government fleets of vehicles.

State and national governments that support intellectual property by enacting legislature that makes punishing offenders easier and gives priority to hearings related to intellectual property are more likely to hold substantial stores of intellectual property within their boundaries than those without such guidelines and laws in place.

The world gets larger, enforcement gets harder

Manufacturing and selling counterfeit goods make up a major part of many consumer markets around the world. Just like luxury goods, intellectual property is commonly ripped off for dishonest business people’s benefit.

As commerce effectively muddles the borders between countries around the globe, identifying who stole what intellectual property is difficult; actually finding that person, group of people, or business is far more difficult. Idris reminds the world that World Intellectual Property Day occurs every year on April 26.

Jim Larkin: The Life of a Union Man

From a very early age James Larkin, frequently referred to as Jim by his friends, understood the importance that unions have on wage and general work conditions of busy everyday employee.

For much of his time and the workforce, he saw that unskilled labor often did not receive the same type of representation that skilled labor did. From this observation was born his foundational principles of socialism and blanket unionization.

Jim Larkin believed that there was a way that unions could organize and include all workers, something that he tried to achieve a with his Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union. The organization quickly became known as the ITGWU. Another reputation that they quickly earned was that of being radical or going to any length to secure their conditions even if it was militant.

The union continued to grow, encompassing more than 15,000 individuals. This gave Jim Larkin the chance he needed to organize a big demonstration of power within this new general union. He organized a strike that would last almost 8 months and includes more than 100,000 different workers. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

The point of this strike, eventually termed the Dublin Lockout, was to help secure the rights of this population and provide unskilled workers with the same protections that skilled workers were obtaining all over the country.

Fresh off the heels of such an amazing victory with the Dublin Lockout, Jim Larkin wanted to try his hand in America. This would prove to be foolish as he was quickly arrested for crimes related to anarchy and communism.

It seemed that his teachings did not go over well in that government, coupled with the fact that this was during a time when the entire world was fighting Germany in World War I. Larkin was eventually freed and went back to Ireland to live out the rest of his days with his family.

His time in Ireland was quickly filled with more talks is unionizations and he did form another large workers’ party. He felt like this was his opportunity to start again within the industry, as he had lost some credibility when he was jailed in America. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and James Larkin | Ireland Calling

He quickly used his charisma and zeal to win back his supporters but was unable to rejoin his cherished ITGWU, which dismantled. His work became well-known all over the country with many of his supporters following his work religiously. He became an advocate for many different social causes before his accidental death in 1947.

How to achieve success with Robert Deignan.

Robert Deignan is a successful leader as well as an entrepreneur. He is currently the CEO at ATS digital services a company that helps people all over the globe to address technology issues affecting them. Robert received his bachelor’s degree from Purdue University where he studied Organizational Leadership. This course has been an excellent source of help as he has been tasked with taking up leadership roles in the different organization.

After completing his studies, Robert worked for about two years and later embarked on business where he co-founded Fanlink Inc. Some of the factors that have contributed to Robert’s success as a businessman include;

Providing a solution, for a business to excel it is vital to come up with a solution for the customers. While working at an anti-malware software company, Robert observed that the company experienced several challenges and this interfered with the effectiveness of the software. This led to the establishment of ATS digital services which provides technological solutions ensuring that businesses run smoothly.

It is therefore crucial to ensure that the niche identified will guarantee value for the client’s money and their problem will be solved.

Identify your strength, in any business; it is essential to identify your strength. Come up with a strategy on how to generate new ideas and how to make them to reality, for Robert spending time away from his phone or laptop is one of the ways he can come up with ideas that improve the business. For other business people spending time at the gym helps jog the mind, for others working closely with a team is their strength in enhancing their business.

Accessing the company’s progress, to succeed in business ensure you study the company’s growth, this will help you to understand areas that need improvement, and this helps to avoid pilling up of issues. Before responding to any meeting Robert Deignan takes time to access the progress of the company, he studies the numbers, and this also helps him identify areas that need improvement.

Finally, Robert emphasizes believing in yourself, believe in what you are doing and customers will be confident in your service or product.

Jeremy Goldstein- Espousal of Expertise

Jeremy Goldstein loves the TurboScan app since it enables him to quickly send the hand mark-ups of any documents from his phone in PDF form. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Facebook and Jeremy Goldstein | Quora

He states that the app is invaluable for any lawyer who uses mobile for his daily practices and his favorite business idea he can advise his readers is reading the Knockout options book.

According to Jeremy Goldstein he has tested various strategies for his business to grow but the most vital is taking an interest in people and staying connected. He believes in the ability to keep in touch with both clients and non-clients through emails, follow-ups, writing and even calls.

When your contacts know you are interested in their daily welfare, they open up and ask for advice, and he categorically says caring is an open hand with no substitute. Additionally, Jeremy advice his reader to keep themselves updated with the latest technology and keep on buying new technologies to avoid disappointments caused by crashing of the system. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

Jeremy Goldstein is the co-partner of the reputable executive compensation firm located in Newyork business center, known as the Jeremy L. Goldstein’s and Associates.

The law firm exclusively deals with the management of company teams, giving advice to Chief Executive Officers, giving the direction of governance and the execution of the compensation matters.

The Goldstein law firm also deals with transformative business matters and the sensitive issues that occur in the boardroom with Goldstein taking limited numbers of maters and only dealing with the M&A matters that needs his expertise and skills.

Jeremy Goldstein received his Doctor of the Jurisprudence degree from celebrated University of Newyork and his masters from Chicago University and Bachelor of Arts from Cornell University. His expertise has seen him write on renowned journals on matters about boardroom compensation and governances and holds a prestigious position in the Americans Bar Associations.

Jeremy prided in being the Associations business sector chairman chairing the Mergers and Acquisitions meetings and worked for decades with large corporations. Mr. Goldstein states that being a compensation lawyer there is no shortcut and it needs discipline dedication and being 24 hours of calls with putting aside your bedside manners to full-serve your clients.

Jeremy Goldstein has 20 years of working practice, knowledge and skills that enable him brings his ideas to life since law ideas rhyme and blend with the past issues making it easy for any purpose to thrive beautifully.

Igor Cornelsen, an Investment Banker

Igor Cornelsen comes from Curitiba, Brazil. He was born in 1947. Igor attended the Parana’s Federal University where he enrolled for engineering classes. Parana’s Federal University was the only university with Parana and Santa Catarina that was offering engineering courses. Igor did his engineering course for two years before deciding to venture into a different career course. He enrolled for an economics class at the same university. He later graduated in 1970 and immediately got a job in an investment bank. During that time, most engineering graduates were working in the banking industry because they could calculate compound interest rates without calculators.

Igor Cornelsen built a good resume for himself in the banking sector. The excellent resume led to Igor working in Rio as an investment banker. He kept receiving promotions due to his superb outcomes as well as hard work. Within no time, Igor was a member of Muitlbanco’s board of directors. Nonetheless, he did not stay long at Multibanco as the Bank of America later acquired the bank in 1978; hence, he sought after other opportunities. He joined Brazil’s leading investment firm, Unibanco where he worked until 1985. After Unibanco, Igor joined Libra Bank PLC, a branch of London Merchant Bank. While working for this bank, Igor was paid in dollars, something he had looked forward to as well as getting more opportunities.

Later on, Mr. Cornelsen moved with his colleagues to Standard Merchant Bank where he was one of the members of the board of directors. In addition to this, the bank made him its Brazilian representative. He served as a board of director member for the following seven years where he became very successful. Igor Cornelsen later moved from Standard Merchant Bank in 1995 and started his on investment organization. In his company, Igor was offering the exact services he was running at the Standard Merchant Bank. His experiences in the banking industry as an investment banker made it easier for him to start his company. Presently, Igor is an investment banker and operates his investment fund. Furthermore, he believes in the information that Reuters provides as he feels Reuters is not biased.

Stand Against Corruption With End Citizens United

Election campaigns are not cheap and include expenses for travel, advertisements, supplies, staff, and more. Many candidates will use grassroots fundraising, meaning that they obtain small donations from private citizens who will help to fund the cost of their campaign. Sadly, it seems that whoever has the most money will win the election, no matter their personal belief system or campaign platform.

Citizens United was a 2010 Supreme Court decision that turned the United States Government upside down according to The Citizens United decision gave corporations and special interest groups the ability to donate endless amounts of money to election campaigns, meaning politicians and their points of view can now be bought by the highest bidder. Unfortunately, where there is money, there is certainly corruption, and this Supreme Court decision made it legal to influence the votes and platforms of election candidates nationally. Thanks to average constituents, a grassroots organization called End Citizens United was formed to help combat the decision and its carelessness.

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Big money and special interest groups have their own best interests in mind, not that of the American people. According to End Citizens United, Rick Scott, Governor of Florida, is no stranger to receiving large sums of cash in exchange for favorable votes and support for corporate interests. It is for this reason that he is being accused of receiving monetary remuneration that exceeds and dodges contribution limits during his current campaign for United States Senate.

Though laws are in place to help prevent campaign funding to come from financial firms, many politicians and political candidates are finding shady tactics to avoid these rules altogether, including Rick Scott. End Citizens United believes that, as Rick Scott chaired a Political Action Campaign (PAC), he received donations from several financial firm executives who had personally benefitted from his decisions while also serving as Governor.

End Citizens United works to create transparency of election campaign funds and refute the favoritism of whoever has the most money. By opening the eyes of the general public to these unfair election campaign practices, there may come a time where a candidate is selected based upon their platform issues and character alone, and not because of a million-dollar television ad.


David McDonald Leadership in OSI Industries

David McDonald is the executive who currently occupies the position of president in a company that is known as OSI Group. David McDonald has become a household name in the corporate world because of the great role he has been playing in the company since he took the position of president several years ago. When the businessman was getting nominated for this position, the company management did not know the qualities he possessed. However, the executive team knew that they had chosen a professional who was academically qualified for the great position of president. Several years later, OSI Group can pride in the decision it made decades ago. David McDonald has introduced so many changes in the company, and he is one of the people who has helped the company to move to greater heights, especially when it comes to dealing with new markets.

Running the operations of an international company comes with so many challenges. OSI Group acquires Flagship Europe. First of all company has to deal with so many legal battles from different governments. Each country has different regulations before it can allow a company branch to be set in their country. These government regulations make it very hard for an ordinary company to set up its operations and perform well in the complicated markets.

David McDonald was offered the responsibility of taking care of the company expansion activities when he joined several years ago. While working as the president, the businessman has researched about new markets and done everything possible to make sure that the company does not incur losses when starting its operations in a foreign land. With the kind of support David has been getting from the top management of OSI Group, he has managed to grow the business and establish a reputation that was not available in the past.

Leadership is not a responsibility that can be offered to any professional who is hired in a company. David McDonald was offered the presidency role because he deserved it. Apart from being highly qualified academically, the businessman has personal qualities of a leader. David is hard working, and he is quite patient too. The employees who have worked under his leadership say that he is very patient with the company workers, and this is why they perform so well in all of the responsibilities they are offered. David leads by setting the example too. The businessman has been in the food production department for a very long time, and this has assisted him to offer the company excellent services.

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Top Pediatric surgeon- Dr Saad

Dr. Saad is a top surgeon in the world. As early as the 1980s, he had a very good reputation in the medical field that he was hired as the personal pediatric surgeon by the Saudi Royal. This is a rare job offer and one which you will never get if you are not excellent in your field of practice. Why was he selected by the Saudi Royal? There were two reasons for this. He was a certified surgeon in the United States who would speak both Eglish and Arabic fluently. Dr. Saad was a certified pediatric surgeon. The Saudi Royal hired him for four and a half years. In this duration, he was based in Riyadh where he came with his family.


The appointment of Sad was an interesting occurrence in his life. To qualify for such a prestigious job offer is never an easy thing. Dr. Saad was practicing in New Jersey before his appointment. He had a very interesting upbringing. He was born in Palestine, grew up in Kuwait and was born in a family that boasts of academic accomplishments. Three of his siblings are surgeons, one a teacher, two PhDs holders and two have master degrees in various engineering disciplines.


Dr. Saad studied at the University of Cairo where he gained his medical degree. It is now 48 years ago since he graduated and started practicing as a medical doctor. He graduated from his class with honors and was number two overall in his class. He attended his internship in England before moving to the United States. He practiced surgery and pediatric surgery and was approved by the American Medical Board to offer services as a pediatric surgeon. To be board certified in the United States is not an easy thing. You have to go through numerous tests and rigorous special training and passing an exam every ten years to finally get the certification. So, Dr. Saad being board certified means that he is among the best; tried and proved to be competent.


As a pediatric surgeon for the Saudi Royal, he worked at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital. His work was to perform all surgeries in the hospital, from the simplest to the complex. One of the most complex surgeries that he handled while serving in Saudi Arabia was the surgery of the youngest child he has ever had to deal with in his career. The child was suffering from an aneurysm. Dr. Saad accomplished his mission of treating the baby successfully. This is one of the most delicate medical surgeries ever conducted. He published a journal detailing information about the surgery so that others could learn from what he did. His wish is to see more people learn from his experience in the industry. Learn more: