Waiakea water

Waiakea water is a brand of water that is fairly new, as it was released in 2012 and is dedicated to health and the environment. This water begins its process in Hawaii at the Waiakea spring where it runs down through the volcano where it runs through a series of natural filters in the earthen rock.

This all natural water provides many health benefits including, keeping you young, helps with weight lose, building muscles, keeps you smart, and is good for joint health.

In regards to keeping you young drinking water is one of the key necessities because it keeps your skin moist without drinking enough water the bodies natural defenses kick in and start keeping it in storage by making the skin puffy and increasing noticability of fine lines and wrinkles.

Next it increases muscle build by increasing the oxygen flow that goes to your muscles helping perform a longer work out. It also can increase your ability to learn or be smart by increasing your brain function by up to 30 percent. Lastly it keeps helps with joint health by keeping your joints working smoothly and keeping them lubricated well.

Waiakea water also has multiple enhancing features that make it one of a kind. This water is naturally filtered by the thousands of feet of volcanic rock that it flows through which also enriches it with vitamins and minerals that encourage some of the health benefits previously discussed. These vitamins and minerals include magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, and silica.

Aquagrade revealed that the most important thing that Waiakea water does is supports charity. They have sponsored 6 pumps in Malwi that provide clean drinking water for communities that do not have that advantage.

They also have a clean water project that at this point has donated more than 500 million liters of water that provide clean drinking water for people all over the world that have the misfortune of not having it.

This is a joint effort between Waiakea and pump aid that is there to try to eliminate water born illness and provide people with water that is not only good to drink but taste great.

Learn more about Waiakea water: http://www.newyou.com/health/fresh-volcano-water/

Dr. Richard Shinto Selects Professional Executives to Join InnovaCare Health Leadership Group

Professional executives, Jonathan Meyers, Penelope Kokkinides and Mike Sortino were selected by Dr. Richard Shinto, president of InnovaCare Health to join its leadership group. The announcement was released in a Business Wire press release on July 28th, 2016. Meyer is serving as chief actuary officer and Kokkinides serves as the company’s chief administrative officer. Dr. Rick Shinto appointed Sortino to serve as chief accounting officer. Each executive brings 20 plus years of experience to the leadership team and expertise in government programs, care management, organization infrastructure, and the insurance industry.

Dr. Shinto said in the press release he selected Jonathan, Penelope and Mike based on their credentials. The executives collectively possess high level experience, professional integrity and expertise; the work ethic qualities he was searching for in professionals on innovacarehealth.com. Meyers has served as chief financial officer, chief actuary, vice president, and director of actuarial services for Managed Care, Healthcare Partners, and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield. Kokkinides joins the InnovaCare leadership group bringing years of experience serving as former executive vice president, chief operating officer, and corporate vice president. Sortino has more than 10 years of prior combined knowledge in accounting serving as chief financial officer and working in public accounting.

InnovaCare Health is a headquartered Puerto Rican company and provider of managed healthcare services in North America. The company runs two Medicare Advantage plans, PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare; and two Medicaid Plans associated with the Puerto Rico Government Health Plan. Medicare Advantage has over 200,000 members served by approximately 7,500 providers on Facebook. The company’s provider network program gives medical physicians and specialists access to cost efficient healthcare models.

PMC Medicare and MMM Healthcare are subsidiaries of parent company, InnovaCare Health. The companies offer the highest quality synchronized care services based on Puerto Rican local and federal guidelines. Dr. Richard Shinto also announced five days after the new leadership executive team InnovaCare joined HHS Initiative to restructure the payment models. InnovaCare Health is responsible for helping measure progression of goals created by LAN.

InnovaCare is a LAN Committed Partner and dedicated to supporting the private partnership’s mission to speed up the transitional process of payment reform. The company’s participation involves LAN Nationwide Data Collection, quantity data surveys, and categorize payments for InnovaCare Medicare and Medicaid Advantage plans. Jonathan Meyers, Penelope Kokkinides and Mike Sortino have the expertise to help LAN accomplish its goal of reforming the healthcare payment system to process providers’ payments based on quality of care.

Richard “Dick” DeVos Is Big On Giving Back

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Richard “Dick” DeVos comes from a family that believes in giving back. The ultra-rich family — and owners of the Amway fortune — have given hundreds of millions to a number of worthwhile causes both in their home state of Michigan, as well as throughout the United States.


DeVos served as CEO of Amway for 12 years. He also ran the Orlando Magic basketball, which was purchased by his family in 1992. Needing to make his own mark, DeVos stepped down as CEO of both companies to start his own company: The Windquest Group.


DeVos credits his upbringing for shaping his compassion for others. Although he came from an affluent background, he was always taught the importance of helping others who in need.


He and his wife Betsy are at the forefront of providing quality education for all, regardless of socioeconomic background. DeVos is a firm believer of charter schools and school choice. This is the only way to guarantee children from underprivileged backgrounds the opportunity to get the education they deserve.


DeVos opened the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2015. This school is attended by children who are interested in aviation, math and science. He also successfully ran for a position on the Michigan State Board of Education in 1990.


DeVos also delved into politics in the 2000s. He ran against incumbent governor Jennifer Granholm. Although he developed a huge following, and the polls showed his numbers narrowing towards the end, he ended up losing by 9 points. The stinging loss didn’t swear DeVos off politics. In fact, he says he may very well run again in the future.


The Richard and Betsy DeVos Philanthropic Foundation is still giving time and money to charitable causes. Hundreds of millions went toward the downtown Grand Rapids beautification initiative.


DeVos lives outside of Grand Rapids with his wife Betsy. They have five grown children.

Why Labaton Sucharow Is Celebrating Following SEC Announcement

The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) has for many years stood up for the rights of consumers by ensuring all the federal laws drafted in that respect are followed to the letter. One of the most important aspects of fighting against violations of securities laws is by coming up with a vehicle through which whistleblowers can present their facts.

In this case, the SEC Whistleblower Program is the pioneer of fair practices and has been offering rewards and protection to whistleblowers who match forward with vital information about different entities. It is a process that allows whistleblowers to benefit while offering support to the government in the fight against unfair practices that are against the welfare of consumers.

To advance this fight, Labaton Sucharow has been offering invaluable support that has ensured whistleblowers present only the right materials to the SEC for verification. Labaton Sucharow is a dedicated law firm that pioneered the provision of services to whistleblowers to help them sieve information before it is passed to the SEC for consideration. The body has worked with many professionals across the country and has celebrated successes after their clients won huge payouts.

In recent developments, Labaton Sucharow once again entered into frenzy mode after one of their clients was picked by the SEC Whistleblower Program for the second biggest payout amounting to over $17 million. This success shows how committed to service the firm has become and the achievements it has recorded over the past few years for assisting whistleblowers differentiate facts from information that cannot help their cases to proceed.

One of the reasons behind the issuance of such a high payout is the fact the whistleblower shared high quality information that was touching on violations in the financial services industry. According to Jordan Thomas, a SEC Whistleblower attorney who works as the chair of the Whistleblower Representation Practice at Labaton Sucharow, it was a show of courage on the part of the whistleblower to share such information. This also reflects the fact that there are more people who are going to come out to present facts about different industries to prove violations by influential individuals.

The SEC Whistleblower program has contributed a lot to the courage since every whistleblower is assured of protection and there is anonymous reporting capability. Most importantly, the reward system has allowed whistleblowers to share vital and factual details in the anticipation they will get a payout for helping the government to combat securities violations.

Teachings from the Kabbalah Centre

Finding your spiritual center can be easy when you know that there is a facility out there that shares the same beliefs that you do. This facility is known as the Kabbalah Center and it teaches one of the oldest practices in the Jewish religion that you could possibly learn for yourself and teach your family as well. One of the most important things to know about the Kabbalah Center is that it is open to a variety of different people you can truly change the way that you view your religion at the current moment. In fact, you will be able to take advantage of just about any type of event or gathering that the Kabbalah Centre has to offer even if you are not a brand new member and are just looking to see what the spiritual facility has to offer.

One of the most important things to remember about the Kabbalah Center is that you can visit it even if you are not a current member there. They also have a website as well as social media page that you can visit in order to learn more about it before choosing to make your visit. This is definitely something to consider if you have been looking to grow spiritually and would like to know that you are doing something beneficial for yourself as well as for each and every one of your loved ones. There are so many people who are currently visiting the Kabbalah Centre with amazing success and this is something you would want to consider for yourself if you are sick and tired of always going to the same place of worship each and every week.

There are definitely a lot of benefits that come from visiting the Kabbalah Center, but it is extremely important that you also learn more about this type of facility so that you can be sure it is right for you. Lots of individuals have found that this is something beneficial for themselves as well as their loved ones because it allows them to learn and practice in the Jewish spiritual that they simply cannot learn on their own without having to do a lot of studying.

Adam Milstein Works Hard to Improve the State of His Jewish People

Adam Milstein is a brilliant Israeli American investor, activist, and philanthropist. Staying true to his Jewish heritage Milstein raises and contributes funds for various organizations that work to improve the state of the Jewish Community and their homeland of Israel.

In the early 70’s, Milstein enlisted in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Though enlistment was mandatory at the time, Adam Milstein gladly and voluntarily joined the IDF and served his country throughout the Yom Kippur War before attending the Israel Institute of Technology, Technion. Milstein became a graduate of the institute in 1978 and received his Bachelor of Science degree in business and economics.

Following in the footsteps of his father, Milstein decided to enter the world of real estate investing and development. Even helping his father expand his business very early on in his career. Looking to further his higher education and experience Milstein moved to the United States with his wife Gila Elgrably and their two young daughters Merav and Lyron. Milstein’s family thought he was taking a huge risk uprooting his whole family for a country he’d never been to before, but for Milstein the potential payoff of the moved greatly outweighed the risks.

Milstein continued his career in real estate and managed to graduate from the University of Southern California (USC) with a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA).

Milstein is co-founder and National Chairman of the Israeli American Council (IAC), one of the leading Jewish organizations. Milstein has lent his expertise and skill to numerous well known Jewish organizations throughout his career.

For his work as a philanthropist, activist, and leader, Milstein was recognized by the Jerusalem Post. The broadsheet newspaper named him as one of the 50 most influential Jewish figures. Milstein earned the no. 39 spot on the list.

Milstein was truly honored to see his name on the list among Jewish leaders he’d looked up to in past years.

Milstein co-founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2000. An organization he and his wife created that mainly focuses on the development of the youth in the Jewish community.

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California Professional Named New Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows Chairman

Andy Wirth has been named the new chairman of Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows. He was among those seated at a July 9th meeting. He was proudly appointed by the Reno-Sparks Convention where he was also appointed as board member and Visitor’s Authority. A recent Sierra Sun article reported that new people will bring new ideas. Andy Wirth plans to bring the airport to a higher level and increase tourism at the Squaw Valley ski resort. Wirth is highly respected among his colleagues and brings his development skills and strong professional leadership to the forefront for business growth and productivity.

Andy Wirth is highly knowledgeable in international resort management and has worked with top airlines across to country to provide flights to popular Utah, Colorado, and Canadian resorts. Wirth is dedicated in improving traveling for the entire western region. He is honored to serve the RSCVA and is dedicated to customer service excellency. He has also served as a Financial Analyst and Budget Manager for Washoe County that gives him expertise in finances. Wirth’s new position will allow him access to the airport Gateway to Lake Tahoe. According to recent news reports, Wirth is excited to work with a new staff has an initiative for quality air. control.

Andy Wirth has made it his mission to make Lake Tahoe one of the top ski resorts in the world. He is a strong supporter of environmental snd community organizations. His focus is contributing to improvements that will benefit people of all ages. Wirth acknowledges that he is a team player and is ready to work with his new colleagues. He believes that the foundation of his success is based on teamwork and building a great team. He continues to serve on the board and be an active part of the community.

A near fatal skydiving accident couldn’t debilitate Wirth. He formed a team called the Wounded Warrior Support group that honors the Navy Seals. The organization provides support for their team members and family members after they return home. Discover more about Andy Wirth by visiting his Linked In account.

James Dondero Leads the Partnership Between Highland Capital Management and The Dallas Foundation

About James Dondero

Mr. Dondero is a Dallas-based businessman and philanthropist. With over 30 years of experience in charitable giving, Dondero is an active supporter of initiatives in healthcare and education sectors. He attended the University of Virginia where he graduated with highest honors of Commerce in Accounting and Finance.

Highland Capital Management partners with The Dallas Foundation

Founded in Dallas, Texas, Highland Capital Management is among the leading and expertise alternative investment managers. James Dondero, the co-founder, and president of Highland Capital Management is an active philanthropist with interest in education and healthcare. Although Dondero’s business platform is global, he invests heavily in local charitable organizations.

Meanwhile, James Dondero looks forward to partner with The Dallas Foundation to manage his philanthropic budget, which has recently increased to $3 million. The partnership brings in Mary Jalonick the CEO of The Dallas Foundation as a donor service expert. James Dondero says that he chose to partner with The Dallas Foundation because the organization is deeply ingrained in the Dallas community. Furthermore, the organization has built an excellent reputation as an achiever in the non-profit community.

In collaboration with Mary, James Dondero developed charitable giving approaches that would be aspirational, bold, and efficient. The partnership resulted in the formation of the Highland Dallas Foundation, which supports initiatives of The Dallas Foundation. Over the years, James Dondero has supported education, healthcare and veteran initiatives in North Texas. In partnership with The Dallas Foundation, Dondero’s philanthropic engagement has extended to The Dallas Zoo, The Perot Museum, and The Bush Presidential Library.

Dondero’s philanthropic strategies align well with his business intelligence to provide multi-million years grants as part of his charitable giving. While multi-million years grants are rare in the present humanitarian activities, they are significant to non-profit organizations as they serve as long-term sustainable financing.

As part of his long-term strategy, James Dondero partnered with The Dallas Foundation to hire Linda Owen to help Highland Dallas Foundation to realize its vision of improving the quality of life in North Texas. Owen’s experience as a philanthropist will be helpful in making a significant impact in North Texas living standards.

Additional Sources:

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Kenneth Goodgame‘s Remarkable Track Record

There is a popular saying that if someone lives like others do, then he or she will get what others get. If a person settles, he or she will get a settled life. If a person strives for the best, he or she will live the best life. The reason why I am bringing this is because there are a lot of people out there who want to be successful. However, they lack the right techniques and tools to cultivate themselves for the best yield.

I draw my inspiration from one successful individual in his career. He has the right attributes of a successful person. He is an embodiment of drive, passion, self-confidence, willpower and energy needed for success. His name is Kenneth Goodgame, the VP and Chief Merchandising Officer at True Value. He is one of the few business leaders who have worked in more than 20 companies successfully.

Goodgame started his career at a young age as a marketing specialist. His strong affinity for excellence made him a darling to many companies he worked with. It did not take long before he started climbing to the top of the leadership ladder. In 1980, he was appointed the Senior Merchandising Manager of Black & Decker. This appointment marked the beginning of his leadership role in business. He climbed the ranks at a fast pace in various companies including Newell Rubbermaid, Techtronic Industries, Ace Hardware and many others.

At True Value, he is tasked with managing full P& L amounting to over $2.2 billion. He is in charge of the management team that focuses on enhancing inventory and merchandising SKU investments. He focuses on creating a balance in employee engagement and corporate structuring. His vast experience is a valuable asset for the company, especially in marketing its products. He has a veteran’s eye to identify potential market niches and analyze emerging market trends.

Kenneth Goodgame prides himself in hard work and determination. He carefully analyzes situations before making a decision. He is clearly a successful person who everyone in the society should emulate. He’s a role model to many and a motivator to the hopeless.

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Diversant LLC Leads The IT Industry With John Goullet

Diversant LLC is one of the top companies in the country that deals in IT Staffing and technology for other companies. Today they function as a certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise as well. Diversant LLC was first formed back when Info Technologies, a company that John Goullet founded, went through a merging with Diversant Inc in 2010.

The company is one of the largest of its kind as a minority owned business and in regards to ethnic diversity in the company. Their main focus as a company is providing the best It staffing solutions to major companies all over the United States, matching talent to their clients. The highly committed staff at Diversant LLC allows them to give astounding results to their customers in every situation. Because of the large diversity at the company as well, they can operate under different mindsets for different cultures of their customers as well. John believes ethnic diversity is something that should be spread and to be aware of, as it makes for many more opportunities to be had with varying perspectives and mindsets.

Diversant LLC and John Goullet have perfected their strategies for meeting the needs of their clients and providing the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. Under the expertise of John Goullet, clients are always managed and matched with exactly what they need.

John Goullet’s ambition and philosophy’s extend through the company and is largely responsible for the strong work ethic behind it. John currently operates as the Principal Executive for the company, with extensive experience in the industry. Even before his position at Diversant LLC he was doing this work at his former company, Info Technologies, and many years before that.

Even before John merged companies and was working at Info Technologies, he has always been highly focused on providing his clients with exactly what they ask for, always trying to give them the best match in terms of talent and attitude. Their primary focus is on providing great IT staffing services, with a secondary focus on ensuring total customer satisfaction. With the help of John Goullet and him spreading this philosophy around the company, Diversant has come a long way in terms of growth, and will continue to expand in the future.