BBB Accredited Company of Securus Technologies Is One That Delivers Its Services As It Promises

Everyone should be aware of what the benefits are of utilizing a technological system along the likes of Securus Technologies. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of there being an existence of a communicative platform in which people can utilize to connect with inmates who are incarcerated.


Traditional methods of communicating with those who have been incarcerated has consisted of visiting them in jail by booking an appointment within a time frame of appointment slot availability. However, as many visitors have come to realize, the availability of open time slots for visitation are often limited as jails are often quite busy. As a result, the appointments end up interfering with one’s schedule. If you are wanting to set an appointment in which you would like to visit someone who has been incarcerated, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the technicians who are available to assist at Securus Technologies. The will gladly guide you through the process of having your account set up so that you may chat with whoever it is that you have been wanting to contact. It is a BBB accredited company that anyone can depend on to deliver as they say.


Securus Technologies has also been designed to assist law enforcement departments in potentially solving crimes that could be occurring in their facilities. This can be made evident if the inmate speaks about particular incidents that have occurred or are currently occurring in or around their cell. They may even speak about incidents that have been occurring or are currently occurring within any of the premises of the correctional facility in which they are able to get such information from other inmates who are also incarcerated. By chatting with others about such forms of crime through the Securus Technologies platform, law enforcement agencies are able to utilize such data to begin investigations on what could potentially end up solving a crime or many.


FreedomPop Review: Story Of Free Mobile And Internet Service

FreedomPop, the mobile virtual network service provider, is known for free service from when the firm is found. The latest offers from the firm confirm that it provides free mobile service and internet service. It is a great opportunity for everyone to get the free option offered by the service provider. Though the offer is found to be more beneficial for light users while making a general FreedomPop review, people who wanted heavy data or more services, the firm provides the options with additional payment.


While choosing the FreedomPop services, users get a variety of options at free of cost. It includes 500MB of 4G data, 200 voice minutes, and unlimited texting services per month. It should be noted text messaging uses the data and hence it can eat up the free data. Interestingly, there is no contract or any cancellation fee or any other hidden fees. The service provider uses the network of Sprint to give service to its customers. Users would also have the option to add data packs to their plan and use it if required.


Once the data usage crosses 400 MB, users will be charged $10 to add the “top up” plan into their account. But, if the user doesn’t want it to be charged, he can switch off the option in the FreedomPop website account. The free service is for one year, and after that, all the users will be charged $10.99 per month for the same plan, but there won’t be having any contracts or cancellation charges like before.


If the user crosses the data limit without any top ups added into his account, he will be charged at $0.02 per additional MB. But, users can bring their friends to the network or by taking surveys, offers, download software, etc., and get bonus data. The users can choose $5 Wi-Fi-calling option, which allows users to utilize Wi-Fi hotspots to make calls, text, and data for $5 per month. Another plan that charges $10.99 per month gives options for unlimited calling and unlimited text but 500 MB data. Again the $20 per month plan offers unlimited calls, text, and 1GB 4G data. After the use of 1GB 4G data, users would get unlimited 3G data.


FreedomPop is based in Los Angeles, California. The firm is backed by tech majors and investment firms. It includes Intel, DCM Capital, Partech Ventures, Mangrove Capital, Axiata and Atomico. In January 2016, the firm announced its entry into international roaming and offered international free data of 200MB 3G/4G data every month in 25 countries including the U.S. and the U.K.

Getting to Know Eric Pulier

You surely cannot tell his success by merely taking a glance on his face. Eric Pulier is not only a graduate of Harvard University but is also an individual that has accomplished much in his life. As a grade four student in high school, Eric Pulier began to work as a computer programmer. By the time he completed high school, Eric Pulier already had started a database computer company. In 1984, he began studying at Harvard University and became the editor of the school’s daily newspaper known as The Harvard Crimson. He also wrote for this newspaper.

In 1991, Pulier moved to Los Angeles to chase his dreams. He established People Doing Things (PDT), a company that majored on healthcare, education among other issues through the use of technology. Later in 1994, Pulier started an interactive agency that was known as Digital Evolution, a company that linked up with US Interactive LLC In 1998. Pulier for the compassion for children with chronical illness, put in his resources and technology know-how to help in the establishment of Starbright World, a private social network for children with chronical illness, where they can post blogs, chat as well as meet with other kids with similar experiences as them.

Among the most revolutionary startups for Eric Pulier is Xprize. The program culminates competitions and prizes for the individuals who are willing to push themselves to their fullest potential. The vision behind this program was to encourage teens and adults alike that they can achieve their dreams and be rewarded for success.

Eric Pulier was in 1997 selected by the President Inaugural Committee to create and execute the Presidential Technology Exhibition that was known as The Bridge to The 21st Century, an exhibition that was held in Washington DC. As a result of this presentation, Pulier was privileged to participate in the then vice president Al Gole’s healthcare and technology forum where he gave guidelines on health and technology initiatives.

Eric Pulier is the co-founder of ServiceMech Inc. where he serves as the Chair and the Chief Executive Officer. He is a public speaker at premium technology conferences around the world and has authored a book known as Understanding Enterprise where he gives an introduction to the topic.


How Construcap Has Become A Leader In Brazil’s Real Estate Economy

Construcap is a company that specializes in energy and building industries in Brazil. Even though this company is not the only one of its kind in the industry, it has managed to earn the trust of most of the clients in Brazil. All its operations go through an established management system or (IMS). Since the company is ISO certified on, it employs management systems in management, environment, energy and other departments to ensure quality and efficiency in its operations.

Services Offered
Construcap serves many sectors in the Brazilian economy. Both residential and commercial sectors rely on the services offered by Construcap. The construction industry on is another sector that utilizes the services that this company offers. Some of the services the company offers in the construction and industrial sectors include civil engineering, electro-mechanics, building, design and structured projects.

Its Subsidiaries
Construcap has many small enterprises affiliated to them. InovaSaude is one of the most successful affiliates of Construcap. Through InovaSaude, they have been given a contract to build healthcare facilities in Sao Paulo, Brazil. There will be clinics in Sao Paulo, San Jose Campos, and Sorocaba. Not only will this affiliate build the healthcare facilities, they will also buy all the needed medical equipment for the clinics. The contracts states that for the next 17 years, any non-medical service will be under the management of InovaSaude.

Undergraduates’ Opportunities
Construcap takes in interns who want to acquire practical skills in construction and energy. This applies to both undergraduates and fresh graduates. The internship program helps to train the interns on the basics of the company’s operations. In addition to this, the interns acquire knowledge that is important for their career development. During the internship period, all interns are given mentors to help during the training.

Construcap is aware that some of its employees are not educated. To eliminate the illiteracy, Construcao has training programs to equip employees with writing and reading skills. In addition to the literacy classes, Construcap also runs a series of leadership training sessions for its employees. All these things make the company and its employees stand out in the market.

Brian Bonar’s Glittering Career in Finance and Investment Management

Brian Bonar is a career investor and financial expert based in the Greater San Diego Area. According to, Bonar is a long serving Chairman and CEO of Trucept, Inc and Dalrada Financial Corporation. Trucept, Inc is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) focused on providing temporary staffing, employee benefits and insurance and services.

Dalrada Financial Corporation on the other hand, specializes in offering wide ranging financial, benefit, insurance and business process, outsourcing products to companies across the US. The approach applied by the company is built on the premise of protection and capital, which means providing funds to businesses and protecting them from the risk of exposure.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Bonar Joined Trucept in June 2011 and Dalrada Financial Services earlier, in June 1999. Bonar’s highly decorated resume also reveals that he founded the San Diego based PEO, AMS Outsourcing in May 2006 and Bezier Systems in September 1994 to ostensibly launch the first SCSI printer.

The organizations he has served previously include Allegiant Professional Business Services as President; Itec Imaging Technologies as VP of Sales and Marketing; Adapted as Sales Manager and QMS as Director of Engineering. Before joining QMS, Bonar served as the Procurement Manager at IBM for 16 years, beginning April 1969 to March 1985. He was tasked with sourcing motherboards from IBM PC’s.

At Allegiant Professional Business Services, where he served from May 2006 to January 2013, Brian Bonar was tasked with overseeing the company’s insurance product relationship and sales and marketing strategies.

Brian is also a keen restaurateur with various investments in San Diego. According to, the Scott opened an eatery called Bellamy in Escondido and brought in pivotal staff from the nearby El Bizcocho at Rancho Bernardo Inn, his long time favorite Restaurant in San Diego.

Among the big names roped in were cook, Mike Brady and houseman, Trevor Da Costa. The restaurant has already earned a reputation as one of the trendiest establishements in the area, thanks to its amazing international cuisines and excellent service.

The most popular cuisines on offer include Mushroom Raviolli and Saffron Panna Cotta. The success of Bellamy has prompted Bonar to invest big in yet another restaurant near Ranch at Brandy Canyon.

He plans to develop his 144 acre land into a 4-Star restaurant. Bonar’s active engagement in the community and sound investment strategies has earned him several accolades. In 2010, he was named the Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance by Cambridge Publishing. In terms of education, Brian Bonar holds a BSc, MBA and PhD.

According to, Bonar holds a BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering from Glasgow’s Strathclyde University and an MBA and PhD in International Business Development Studies from England’s Stafford University.

Flip For Fabletics

Fabletics is a word most heard of by women of all ages. Kate Hudson’s remarkable clothing line displays comfortable, affordable apparel with a classy chic style. Hudson’s multi-million dollar company shows that it is possible to build a successful empire by using the reverse showroom technique. The foundation that Hudson has implemented by engaging the reverse showroom artistry is built upon the value of the consumer, the value of her brand, and the value of technology. The rise of Fabletics is soaring due to Kate’s ability to notice exactly what the shopper wants. Likewise, the buyer relates with Hudson and Fabletics as a whole brand by way of purchasing easily accessible clothing in their locale.

Fabletics has reached new heights and is expanding rapidly due to the growth of the brand, as the company seeks to build additional stores nationwide. Fabletics has always supplied women with a wide variety of sportswear style from two piece outfits, tops, bottoms, and accessories. As well as yoga pants, running attire and gym workout clothing made by Kate herself.

Fabletics provides a brand made of dynamic energetic apparel. In 2016, Fabletics opened a new genre of duds, expanding the business to an active men’s wear line. Men can choose from jackets, joggers, pants, sweatshirts, tees, hats, and reversible clothing. Fabletics is growing positively on the consumer market because of the personal touch the company has created. Members can subscribe solely to the agency upon receipt at any store. Word of mouth helps customers find stylish workout threads to fit their own personal needs. Member certificates are doubling rapidly as consumers are watching and waiting for the newest article of clothing to launch.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics line is taking over Amazon by storm. Hudson’s business makes it easier for the purchaser to look at and buy what they so desire. Technology plays a key role in her success, as more Fabletics stores are becoming more readily available to the buyer. In just, more sales are being made as the Fabletics corporation is compiling data from past sells to expand the establishment further. The reverse showroom expertise aims to show that Hudson’s Fabletics route has taken the organization to a whole new level. The growth of her business is the number one aspect of the company today. Kate Hudson only has more room to grow her giant empire and rise above the competition as a successful businesswoman.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Doe Deere and Lime Crime Grow into a Brand

In a recent article published in ideamensch a successful but controversial new business mogul was the focal point. Doe Deere and her company Lime Crime represent a contemporary story of creating a brand from the “gut” feelings of the mover behind the brand, Doe Deere. Deere has colorfully fashioned herself from her inner being and while doing this personal transformation has created a fashion influencing empire from her business, Lime Crime.

Deere is an immigrant from Russia with strong roots in New York City and a background in the music business. She and her husband, Mark, were both members of a band and Deere gained a sense of marketing from her experiences promoting her then product. Bands fail, and businesses fail but Deere has soldiered on and developed Lime Crime into a cosmetics contender from its humble roots on the Internet. She began her outrageous cosmetics line using herself as the figurehead. Thankfully, Deere is an attractive woman, and her outrageous looks have worked for her, and along the way she has found that many young women identified with her. She has taken advantage of a fashion revolution affecting young women and their choices for clothing and cosmetics. Athleisure has become an alternative to casual wear and strong eye and lip treatments have helped many women to stand out in a crowd.

As the borders between men and women have started to fall, there is also a sense of wanting to be famous. This has helped Deere and Lime Crime to increase their market share in the cosmetics industry. Even older, sophisticated, and fashionable women have found the products offered by Lime Crime worthy of trying. Unlike men, women are adventurous and willing to try something new. Women also have a greater sense of theater than their counterparts. They see fashion as transitory and are happy to break any rules and surmount any fashion barriers in their way.

Doe Deere has done everything right in pursuing her goal of creating a brand. They say that all publicity is ultimately good for the company. Deere uses herself as the figurehead for her brand and people are excited to know more about her and her business. She has maintained a sense of mystery about herself, but ideasmensch has asked her the right questions to discover the true person who exists behind the chiffon colored hair and strong makeup.

Doe Deere may soon move out of the limelight as her business continues to succeed. She has started to become a mentor to other women who want to fashion their careers, and any advice she gives should be taken seriously.

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Waiakea water

Waiakea water is a brand of water that is fairly new, as it was released in 2012 and is dedicated to health and the environment. This water begins its process in Hawaii at the Waiakea spring where it runs down through the volcano where it runs through a series of natural filters in the earthen rock.

This all natural water provides many health benefits including, keeping you young, helps with weight lose, building muscles, keeps you smart, and is good for joint health.

In regards to keeping you young drinking water is one of the key necessities because it keeps your skin moist without drinking enough water the bodies natural defenses kick in and start keeping it in storage by making the skin puffy and increasing noticability of fine lines and wrinkles.

Next it increases muscle build by increasing the oxygen flow that goes to your muscles helping perform a longer work out. It also can increase your ability to learn or be smart by increasing your brain function by up to 30 percent. Lastly it keeps helps with joint health by keeping your joints working smoothly and keeping them lubricated well.

Waiakea water also has multiple enhancing features that make it one of a kind. This water is naturally filtered by the thousands of feet of volcanic rock that it flows through which also enriches it with vitamins and minerals that encourage some of the health benefits previously discussed. These vitamins and minerals include magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, and silica.

Aquagrade revealed that the most important thing that Waiakea water does is supports charity. They have sponsored 6 pumps in Malwi that provide clean drinking water for communities that do not have that advantage.

They also have a clean water project that at this point has donated more than 500 million liters of water that provide clean drinking water for people all over the world that have the misfortune of not having it.

This is a joint effort between Waiakea and pump aid that is there to try to eliminate water born illness and provide people with water that is not only good to drink but taste great.

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Dr. Richard Shinto Selects Professional Executives to Join InnovaCare Health Leadership Group

Professional executives, Jonathan Meyers, Penelope Kokkinides and Mike Sortino were selected by Dr. Richard Shinto, president of InnovaCare Health to join its leadership group. The announcement was released in a Business Wire press release on July 28th, 2016. Meyer is serving as chief actuary officer and Kokkinides serves as the company’s chief administrative officer. Dr. Rick Shinto appointed Sortino to serve as chief accounting officer. Each executive brings 20 plus years of experience to the leadership team and expertise in government programs, care management, organization infrastructure, and the insurance industry.

Dr. Shinto said in the press release he selected Jonathan, Penelope and Mike based on their credentials. The executives collectively possess high level experience, professional integrity and expertise; the work ethic qualities he was searching for in professionals on Meyers has served as chief financial officer, chief actuary, vice president, and director of actuarial services for Managed Care, Healthcare Partners, and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield. Kokkinides joins the InnovaCare leadership group bringing years of experience serving as former executive vice president, chief operating officer, and corporate vice president. Sortino has more than 10 years of prior combined knowledge in accounting serving as chief financial officer and working in public accounting.

InnovaCare Health is a headquartered Puerto Rican company and provider of managed healthcare services in North America. The company runs two Medicare Advantage plans, PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare; and two Medicaid Plans associated with the Puerto Rico Government Health Plan. Medicare Advantage has over 200,000 members served by approximately 7,500 providers on Facebook. The company’s provider network program gives medical physicians and specialists access to cost efficient healthcare models.

PMC Medicare and MMM Healthcare are subsidiaries of parent company, InnovaCare Health. The companies offer the highest quality synchronized care services based on Puerto Rican local and federal guidelines. Dr. Richard Shinto also announced five days after the new leadership executive team InnovaCare joined HHS Initiative to restructure the payment models. InnovaCare Health is responsible for helping measure progression of goals created by LAN.

InnovaCare is a LAN Committed Partner and dedicated to supporting the private partnership’s mission to speed up the transitional process of payment reform. The company’s participation involves LAN Nationwide Data Collection, quantity data surveys, and categorize payments for InnovaCare Medicare and Medicaid Advantage plans. Jonathan Meyers, Penelope Kokkinides and Mike Sortino have the expertise to help LAN accomplish its goal of reforming the healthcare payment system to process providers’ payments based on quality of care.

Richard “Dick” DeVos Is Big On Giving Back

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Richard “Dick” DeVos comes from a family that believes in giving back. The ultra-rich family — and owners of the Amway fortune — have given hundreds of millions to a number of worthwhile causes both in their home state of Michigan, as well as throughout the United States.


DeVos served as CEO of Amway for 12 years. He also ran the Orlando Magic basketball, which was purchased by his family in 1992. Needing to make his own mark, DeVos stepped down as CEO of both companies to start his own company: The Windquest Group.


DeVos credits his upbringing for shaping his compassion for others. Although he came from an affluent background, he was always taught the importance of helping others who in need.


He and his wife Betsy are at the forefront of providing quality education for all, regardless of socioeconomic background. DeVos is a firm believer of charter schools and school choice. This is the only way to guarantee children from underprivileged backgrounds the opportunity to get the education they deserve.


DeVos opened the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2015. This school is attended by children who are interested in aviation, math and science. He also successfully ran for a position on the Michigan State Board of Education in 1990.


DeVos also delved into politics in the 2000s. He ran against incumbent governor Jennifer Granholm. Although he developed a huge following, and the polls showed his numbers narrowing towards the end, he ended up losing by 9 points. The stinging loss didn’t swear DeVos off politics. In fact, he says he may very well run again in the future.


The Richard and Betsy DeVos Philanthropic Foundation is still giving time and money to charitable causes. Hundreds of millions went toward the downtown Grand Rapids beautification initiative.


DeVos lives outside of Grand Rapids with his wife Betsy. They have five grown children.