Why Baltimore Can Thank Kevin Seawright For Housing Initiative Plan

Kevin Seawright has been a staunch accountant and urban development project leader over the years, and after returning to the City of Baltimore a little over a year ago he started a housing program in conjunction with RPS Solutions Inc. RPS Solutions contracts with construction companies and real estate agencies to tap into the renovated housing market to make quality housing more affordable.

RPS Solutions’ goal is to promote diversity and bring equal housing opportunities into neighborhoods with low crime and make applying for mortgages easier and fair for first-time buyers. Seawright has had many people come to him thanking him for his efforts to build stronger minority communities throughout the city.

PR Newswire revealed that Kevin Seawright has brought accounting and financial knowledge to many city operations throughout his career. The cities he has worked with and advised public officials at have included Atlanta, Baltimore, Newark, New York and Washington D.C. He completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting from Almeda University and then began in various clerking positions at the Baltimore Department of Parks and Recreation.

He then moved from there into the public schools management, and before long he had helped bring its funding up to appropriate levels to supply educational materials and make transportation better. Read more: Newark economic development group names CFO

Seawright’s most notable accomplishment while still working as a public accountant for Baltimore was having CitiStat brought in to manage each department. This was analytical software used to identify areas of need and encourage city administrators to address those areas appropriately. Seawright was also a campaign manager for Otis Rolley who ran for but lost the bid to become Mayor of Baltimore.

Kevin Seawright left his public accountant position and started managing accounts for Tito Contractors, a private construction company in Washington D.C. He also completed an executive leadership training program at Notre Dame University Mendoza Business School that same year.

He relocated to Newark not long after to head the financial division of the Community Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) in 2014, and during that time he worked with the famous Boraie Development Group as part of several major building projects. He left the CEDC just one year later and then started RPS Solutions.

Boraie Development Has Impressed the Central Jersey Working Moms

Boraie Development has been able to see major improvements in the time that they have been in business. It is a company that has grown from the ground up but also one that has helped a city grow from the ground up. Since it is located in New Brunswick, the company has had the chance to make sure that the city is growing and that people are able to take advantage of all of the options that they have in New Brunswick. There have been major improvements since they first opened up and since they first began developing businesses. Visit Crunchbase to know more.

One of the biggest projects that the company has done is the creation of high rise and luxury living spaces. They have optimized the small amount of space that was located in New Brunswick and have done what they can to make sure that people are able to get what they need from it. According to Patch, this has given them a chance to truly appreciate the different aspects of the area and has also allowed them the chance to be sure that they are getting what they need from the living options that are close to them in the area of New Brunswick.

The Central Jersey Working Moms are a group of moms who like to talk about the different positive things in New Brunswick and the surrounding Central Jersey areas. They make sure that they put all of the good things that they have to say about a company on their website and do their best to highlight all of the options that people have with the company. It is something that has allowed the business to grow and the things that they have to say about Boraie Development show that the company is truly one that is good for people to be able to enjoy.

Boraie continues to wow the Central Jersey Working Moms and they have made quite a few posts about the company. The latest post talks about how Boraie has been able to bring major changes to the city and how New Brunswick has been vastly improved thanks to everything that Boraie has been able to do with the company. The city has grown and people have been moving to New Brunswick instead of trying to move away as fast as they could thanks to the problems that te city used to have with the crime and terrible job economy.

Read more: http://magazine.rutgers.edu/insights/seeing-the-future


Keeping Our City Streets Safer Using Securus Technologies

My job as a police officer is making sure that our residents are safe and that the ones committing crimes are swept off the streets in a timely manner before they put innocent people in harm’s way. When were are dealing with local gangs however, things take on a whole new challenge because of the sheer numbers of members on the streets. Even with the top players in these gangs behind bars, they still hand down orders each day that the street-level soldiers to follow.


Trying to intercept these orders is one of my biggest challenges because these gangs tend to operate in the shadows, but my efforts of late have been yielding big results. No longer can we rely on informants in these type cases because no one wants to have to deal with the violence if they are ever discovered to have talked. Not only would they be in grave danger, their families would be subject to that violence if any gang member discovered they were sold out.


I decided to switch my efforts from the streets to the jail, and my luck was about to change thanks in part to Securus Technologies. The company installed a new inmate call system we would now be able to use to listen to how the inmates talked unlike ever before. The primitive phone system we used to have bared yielded any leads, but today that is different. The LBS software picks up on chatter from specific gang members in jail, and even though they think they are talking to their associates in code, we can piece together conversations and make sure we are a step ahead of any planned attacks or attempts to smuggle things to the jail.


With the help of Securus Technologies, we know when the leaders are telling street-level thugs when and where to commit crimes.


Nine9 – Headshot Tips

When you work with Nine9 as a professional talent in their roster, you really need to remember all the aspects involved with this industry. There is one thing that can dictate who you are and what you do, and that is to have a headshot. When casting directors see your headshot, they want to see what you are capable of as a person. They want to make sure that they represent who you are. When you become a talent with Nine9, they will give you all the great tools to help you get the perfect headshot. They have such great photographers in their studios to help you succeed. It’s incredible what you are capable of as an actor, but the key is to have a good headshot. It all begins when you decide to work with them.You also visit : https://nine9.com/our-offices to learn more.

One of their best tips is to arrive to the studio several minutes in advance to properly prepare for the task at hand. It’s important to also have time on your hands to make sure that you are out there resting before the photoshoot. Do your own hair and makeup and have it done before you get there. Bring a wide variety of clothing by Nine on You Tube and options that can give the photographer something to work with.

There are several people who find it very interesting to go through a headshot session because there’s a lot of work involved regarding finding good clothing and choices that work for you. The key is to be there prepared and having the ability to have multiple outfits ready for the photographer. It’s not always easy being able to succeed with a good headshot if you don’t have different shirts and outfits because it pays off to have variety. Nine9 is here to help get you headshot-ready for your future in acting.


Madison Street Capital; One of the Top Investment Advisories in the World

Madison Street Capital announced that they had acted as financial advisors to ARES Security Corporation early this year. They were exclusive advisors in a minority debt investment that ARES Security received from Corbel Structured Equity Partners. ARES is a risk management company. It provides end-to-end software solutions to enterprise clients. It is based in Vienna, Virginia. Its products are used to safeguard some of the most critical assets in the world. Charles Botchway is the CEO of Madison Street Capital. He announced the deal. The official leading the transaction was Reginald McGaugh. Reginald is the senior managing director of the firm.


McGaugh said that he had been honored to work with Ben Eazetta in sourcing for the investment. Ben is the President of Ares Security. He recognized the company and its position in the technology and security sectors. He added that ARES’ management team and the board had challenged them and cooperated with them to find a suitable financing partner. Eazetta is also a shareholder in the company. He said that he was grateful for the services that Madison Street had performed for them last year. He noted that their attention to details and the process from start to finish impressed him. Eazetta concluded by stating that the company was excited to work with the new capital structure. The new equity investment will allow ARES to pursue new revenue opportunities and work on improving its sales momentum.


Corbel turned out to be the best partner for them in the end. Their investment would be instrumental in creating equity value. Corbel Capital was started in 2013. It manages close to a hundred million dollars in capital. It invests in private middle-market companies that are profitable. The fund invests in companies where they can add strategic and financial value. The enterprise has expanded its operations to other countries. It has offices in Asia and Africa.


Madison Street Capital is an international investment advisory firm based in Chicago, Illinois. It provides a wide array of services including financial advisory, corporate planning, merger, and acquisition advisory. Madison Street focuses mainly on middle-market companies. It has been involved in many high-profile deals. Madison Street Capital reputation is very high because of the company’s consistency and quality of services. The company participates in philanthropy. It is a supporter of the United Ways of the Midwest and South Disaster Fund. The organization offers relief assistance to victims of disasters.

Visit http://madisonstreetcapital.org/ for more details.

The Reality of Online Reputation Management

Today’s world is largely online. Which can be great for those who’ve always maintained an upstanding self-image, but everyone has had that “what was I thinking” moment. Perhaps it wasn’t just a moment, but rather a string of poorly made, publicly posted, decisions. Maybe you’ve not cared to create an online presence, or maybe someone created a smear campaign against you, and that’s all anyone trying to find your business information can see, right there, on the front page of Google. In all these scenarios, enter the online reputation management personnel, to help rectify the aforementioned situations.

According to Forbes magazine online, the business of online reputation management is more about burying negative images, rather than deleting them. Evidently once something has been posted online; it stays online, due to the shady nature in which the laws surrounding online contents are written. They don’t just create one giant cover-up however; they are responsible for creating a positive online presence for their clients.

As the author at Forbes so keenly asked, why couldn’t someone do this you? The short answer is, because all photos, social media posts, and other seemingly arbitrary information about people is compiled using an algorithm, and unless one knows how to crack it, or change it, one would need the help of a reputation management team. There is a fair point to be made here, most people are aware that companies do check their social media accounts for damaging information before making a hiring decision, but as onlinereputationreviews.com reveals few are aware of what a Google search of their name would show. So while a person may think they are being careful concerning their online presence, there may yet be skeletons they’ve not hidden well enough.

The takeaway here is this, if you intend to be in business in today, it would benefit you to have a positive online image, and this is not something the vast majority of people are capable of doing alone. Therefore, it should be worth the monetary investment to have an online reputation management team at work for you.

Education in the Hands of Betsy DeVos

Since the beginning of her career, Betsy DeVos has worked to make education something that everyone can have equal access to across the country. She worked hard to make things better for children who had no previous opportunities and that gave her a chance to be able to provide more options for each of the children who she worked with. She knew that it was important for all kids to get a certain type of education and Betsy DeVos rejected the notion that public school was going to work for everyone. Since other schooling options did cost money, though, she had to come up with an idea to make sure that people would be able to afford the education that their children deserved no matter what their financial situation was. She wanted to have the public school outlook with the private school quality of education for children across the country.

The first step that Betsy DeVos took during the beginning of her philanthropic efforts was to make sure that she was doing what she could to provide options to people through the voucher program. She set up charities that would help raise money for children to go to school. She also worked with government agencies to get traditional public school funds to go toward these vouchers. Then, she used the funds and handed out the vouchers to the children who would be able to get the most out of the private schools where they could use the vouchers. It boosted the student’s quality of education and also helped the private schools to see a huge increase in their body of students.

Learn more: http://www.npr.org/sections/ed/2017/01/31/512507538/under-devos-heres-how-school-choice-might-work

While Betsy DeVos recognized that private schools were a great option, she also knew that charter schools were great too. The idea behind a charter school is that students are able to get the same type education and experience as they would in a private school but they would be in a school that was free just like a public school. DeVos worked hard to show people that was what she was going to do and also gave them a chance to be able to see that there was more to life than just public school. She did all of this work without any type of pay.

The philanthropic efforts that she has put into education and making life better for students around the country has given her the chance to see that there is much more to life than public school. It has helped thousands of Americans and Betsy DeVos is behind all of it. She is a great philanthropist who knows what she is doing with education and with the options that come along with the educational process. Check this article from New York Post.

Copa Star Hospital – Taking Healthcare and Hospitality to the Next Level

Good health ranks among most people’s top life desires. As such, there is no reason why one should not solicit the best quality healthcare services. One hospital in Brazil promises exactly this: the best healthcare money can buy in the country and the region as a whole. Copa Star Hospital is setting the pace for other hospitals in Brazil, and it is doing so with a sense of luxury and elegance.

A New Approach to Healthcare

Copa Star takes hospitality in the healthcare industry to a whole new level in almost every way. It focuses on more than just healthcare, and you would easily mistake it for a luxury hotel if you did not know any better. This is because it combines luxury and healthcare, which creates the perfect setting for all sorts of patients. Learn more on sidetech.com

Hospitality on a New Level

Everything about Copa Star is glamorous and luxurious. For starters, it is housed in a state-of-the-art building that is serene and inviting. The interior, on the other hand, is more glamorous and serene; it looks and feels more like a luxury hotel than a gloomy hospital.

For starters, the rooms are decorated with the goal of providing a serene environment; everything from the color to paintings and furniture harmonizes to make patients feel at home. It even uses non-porous concrete that keeps polluted air out to perfect the serenity within. What’s more, there is a whole team of nurses who cater to the patients’ every need. These nurses are professionally trained and passionate about their work. To this end, patients are always surrounded by smiles and a surge of positive energy.

Unlike many other hospitals, Copa Star Hospital is not boring in the least as there are many fun and interesting things for the patients to do. For starters, there are all sorts of electronics including TVs, laptops, and tablets that patients can use to keep up with developments or simply watch films or listen to music. There is also a whole library of books for those who prefer to read. Finally, the facilities in the hospital are interesting to explore.

Unrivaled Healthcare

Copa Star Hospital may go all the way when it comes to luxury, but it shines brightest when it comes to healthcare. The hospital employs some of the best doctors in the region and even across the world. What’s more, the hospital is equipped with some of the best medical care equipment in the world; it makes use of leading and emerging technology to guarantee the best health care services for its patients.

There is room for hundreds of patients as the hospital comprises 105 ordinary rooms and 45 ICU rooms, and there are nurses and patients always ready to serve. Visit their Facebook page.

Basics Of Identifying Wine Collections From France

The complexity of the wine industry in France, especially the labeling make taking on the subject a daunting task. The complexity overwhelms even the most experienced connoisseurs. Therefore, to better grasp the industry, there are a few basics a beginner should learn.

Many wine lovers are accustomed to wines printed on the grape variety label. However, the French wine industry labels its wine bottles according to the source. It is, therefore, paramount for novices to understand the French appellation system. The idea of labeling wine according to its source of origin is the notion that the climate, soil, altitude among many geological factors contribute to the uniqueness of its character. According to the wine tasters, they argue that the location of the wine’s production is as important as the type of grape used. Therefore, according to UKV PLC, beginners should be familiar with French regions.

Burgundy- this area focuses on either red or white wines. Bordeaux deals in wine exportation and production of medium-body reds. Champagne is a region that responsible for the manufacture of the bubbly wine called champagne. The weather requires double fermentation that produces the authenticity of the wine. The Loire region provides a diversified portfolio of wines. Loire producers close to the ocean produces Muscadets while the upper area of Loire specializes in Sauvignon blanc and Chenin blanc.

UKV PLC is the major suppliers of wine in France. The country produces over 8 billion bottles of wines. With the different varieties, wine lovers seek the services of UKV PLC to select the finest. With the experience in the French wine industry, consultants at UKV PLC have an in-depth understanding of the qualities and the best times to buy. UKV PLC has an unlimited supply and consequently, investing in this company will bear fruits.

Mikhail Blagosklonny – A Prominent Personality in the World of Cancer Prevention and Cure

Blagosklonny works at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute as a professor of oncology, where he has been working since April 15, 2009. At Roswell Park Cancer Institute, the experts usually share ideas as well as possible approaches to curbing cancer. The Tissue-Specific therapy of cancer and cancer prevention by slowing aging are among the ideas that experts at Roswell put their focus. His extensive knowledge in aging and cancer comes in handy at the Institute.

A scientist who focuses on cancer and aging, Mikhail Blagosklonny earned his MD in Internal Medicine from the First Pavlov State of Medical University, St. Petersburg. He is also a holder of Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine and Cardiology from the same University. He became the associate professor of medicine in 2002, at New York Medical College, located in Valhalla, NY. Later on, he moved to Ordway Research Institute where he took up the role of a Senior Scientist.

He has excelled as a professor thanks to the extensive experience he has obtained from the different capacities he has served. His research interest includes the underlying mechanisms of aging (known as biogerontology), cancer, anti-aging drugs, as well as targeted cancer therapies that are responsible for guarding the healthy cells against potential damage.

Mikhail Blagosklonny authored the aging hyperfunction theory, and also writes about chemotherapeutic and cyclotherapy engineering. However, he has become popular because of his keen interest in oncology. He has a strong belief that it is possible to control aging and cancer and that cancer is curable – explaining why he recommended the use of Rapamycin. He is a great author having written more than 300 research articles, reviews, and book chapters, and are all published under his name. At PLOS ONE, International Journal of Cancer, and the American Journal of Pathology, Mikhail Blagosklonny serves as the associate editor. View Mikhail’s profile in LinkedIn

Blagosklonny is not only hard working but also, he is known to exhibit commitment in everything that he puts his mind into. These two critical virtues have significantly contributed to what he has achieved as one of the leading oncology researchers in the world. He has a deep love for humanity, and the great vision of participating in the delivery of a disease-free world – and this is what he inspired his career choice.

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