Bob Reina Cares About Everyone

Bob Reina is the type of human being that truly cares about everyone, and it does not matter where they come from or what their background is. He stays true to that, and it is his personal mission to help them with Talk Fusion and its video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. These are used for people to build their brand. The word brand is thrown around a lot these days and for good reason. Brands are how people get recognized and how they get attention. People notice brands that are really, really good and state of the art.


The reason Talk Fusion is that way is because it allows its customers the flexibility to work from home and be comfortable in their own shoes. That is something that is impossible to put a price tag on, but when someone has it, it is, without question, one of the greatest feelings in the world. This is what Bob Reina had in mind when the company started back in 2007 and he founded and created it. He wanted to dream big and he has clearly done that. His big dreams have also inspired other people to have big dreams.


People no longer have to be put in a box and they no longer have to work 9-5 jobs anymore. Those days are long gone. They can be themselves without anyone looking over their shoulder or looming over them. They can be creative, innovative, and have fun at work. It is possible to have fun work and Talk Fusion proves that. One of the things people notice is how much more confident people are and how they feel about themselves, overall. That is not something that can be bought or sold. That is something that comes with someone being the best version of themselves all of the time, 24/7.


They don’t have to live a lie anymore, and they don’t have to pretend to other people like they are happy or like they are enjoying themselves. It just comes out of them organically. That is real life and that is the best life.


Rick Shinto: A Man behind the Success of InnovaCare Health Solutions

Rick completed his medical degree from the New York University following an MBA from Redlands University. He earned his BS Science from the California University. Shinto has also authored a huge number of scholarly articles on health care and clinical medicine.

Rick started his medical profession by practicing as an intern and pulmonologist in Southern California. And now with over two decades of operational and clinical health care experience, Dr. Shinto is serving the community on the post of CEO and President in InnovaCare, Inc. Before that to he was working with Aveta Inc. on the position of CEO till 2012 when it sold. He also worked as CMO in NAMM California and Cal Optima Health Plan in different tenures. Shinto served as the Corporate VP for Med Partners as well.

After completing his education and having extensive experience, Rick thought to share his experience and knowledge with others as well. And to fulfill that dream, he began writing and till date he wrote many articles on healthcare and clinical medicine.

InnovaCare Health Solutions Inc. provided physician practice services and managed Medicare plans. The company integrates sustainable and cheap models with innovative technologies to give access to affordable and high-quality health care through Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and many other networks for the healthcare provider. The mission for InnovaCare Health is to overcome the challenges in the health system and provide modern health care facilities to all citizens. Visit their website at

InnovaCare headquartered in New Jersey at Fort Lee and can provide quality health services for a very cheap change. This company is working under the leadership of CEO, Director and President Dr. Richard A. Shinto along with Ms. Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrative Officer in InnovaCare. View the company profile at LinkedIn

Penelope Kokkinides, on the other hand, holds Master degree in public health from the University of Columbia, another Master degree from NYU in social work, along with the bachelor degree in classical languages and biological sciences from the University of Binghamton.

Penelope joined InnovaCare Health and started assisting Rick to fulfill his dream to make this medical center, state-of-the-art center that off more than medical services to the patients. She is working as a current chief administrative officer in InnovaCare. She also served as the COO and VP of Clinical Operations in Aveta Inc. and managed well on those key posts. However, due to her hard work and dedication and working beside Rick, she proved to be an asset for InnovaCare.

George Soros Wants To Fight For Progress

The Most Successful Hedge Fund Manager

There isn’t a hedge fund manager as successful as George Soros. Thanks to his work the Quantum Social Fund has managed to make billions and outperform the rest of the hedge funds consistently for decades. At the top of his game, he wants to do something most in his field do not think of. He wants to use wealth to make the world a better place for those who would like to make their own fortune. While his previous efforts to play a role in politics have disappointed him, he has decided to return regardless. Read his profile at Forbes.

His Return to Politics

George Soros made 2016 the year of his return to politics. He understands more than anyone that there is a need to improve the way that many in the West see the current state of their politics. He decided the best way to do this was to put his support behind Hillary Clinton in her presidential bid. However, this did not turn out the way he wanted it to. Instead, Donald Trump managed to win despite all expectations. Given his heavy investments in fighting Trump, it’s easy to see this was not something he wanted.

The Fight against the Trump Administration

Despite the loss of Hillary Rodham Clinton, Soros wants to do everything he can to make sure that Trump is not able to carry out his agenda. Donald Trump has made it clear he wants to do everything he can to reverse the progress made by the Left and to fight against immigration. Republicans are currently in power in the federal government and they are currently in power in most state governments. Trump wants to help the Left get back into power. Read more on

What He Wants To Do Now

The current state of politics simply isn’t in the advantage of the Left. If things continue this way Soros is afraid that we will see the beginning of an entirely new age of authoritarianism. In order to stop this from happening he plans on doing everything he can to stop this from going forward. There is an uphill battle to fight and he is prepared.

About George Soros

George Soros is a billionaire, philanthropist, and progressive advocate living in the United States. Born in Hungary, he has devoted his life to helping others improve themselves and find ways to make their lives better. He was a key player in the democratization of his native country and he has worked on helping other eastern European countries find a way to make their lives better as well. More recently, he has spent much of his time promoting the American Left.

Learn more:

Incredible George Street Photo and Video Services in the New York City Region

Perhaps you are looking to capture your wedding just like the day that you two met. Maybe it was a chance meeting in the back of a NYC taxi cab. Maybe you were gazing out from the ferry and she caught your eye. Perhaps he seated you at your favorite Italian restaurant, and the spark ignited.

At George Street Photo and Video NYC Services, now you can capture those moments that you want to cherish for a lifetime.

The photographers all know the NYC region well, and can place you and your partner in any location, with any backdrop, to create the dream pictures or videos you desire. These are not your average wedding pictures that you take at the hall, the team brings you to some of the most iconic locations in the city to transform the photography experience and give you pictures you’ll cherish a lifetime.

Paul Mampilly Receives Increased Recognition for His Stock Investment Advisory through Profits Unlimited

Paul Mampilly is a seasoned investment expert who has proven his skills in more than a few instances. He accumulated 20 years working as a hedge fund manager on Wall Street. His clients included financial giants such as Kinetics International, Deutsche Bank, and ING. He was the acting manager of Kinetics when their stocks went up by 67 percent and 20 percent. He has a genius trading and investment system using the knowledge he amassed from his career. Clients who borrow the system report increasing returns on the stocks. In December 2011, Paul Mampilly set up 29 shares for Palm Beach Letter. In one year, the stocks had an increase of 28 in value and 53 in average percentage. Paul Mampilly handles investments in both the bear market, the bull market.

Paul Mampilly started his career as an account assistant at Chatham Street Management in 1989. He joined Bankers Trust Company in 1991 as an account administrator and rose to portfolio manager in two years. In 1999, Paul Mampilly became a research analyst at Deutsche Asset Management. After two years, he joined Name ING Funds as a senior research analyst and left in 2003 to start Capuchinomonics. In 2006, Paul Mampilly was the new senior portfolio manager of Kinetics Asset Management. In 2011, he ventured into publishing and began working as an analyst and author at Common Sense Publishing. He joined Agora Financial in 2014 as an analyst, author, and investment director.

In 2016, Paul Mampilly’s firm, Profits Unlimited, recorded a new breakthrough. The stock investment consulting company has 60,000 subscribers who buy the stocks recommended by Mampilly. Alan L. stated that all his stocks return the highest number of profits in comparison with other stocks. Paul Mampilly sends out a monthly newsletter describing the best investment assets and keeps track of at least two of them on a weekly basis. The customers buy the stocks in their personal accounts since Paul Mampilly prefers not to use the traditional method which requires an agreement between the advisor and the client. Another subscriber made an observation that only Paul Mampilly’s stock recommendations have the highest returns, in comparison to all the other stocks that he has invested in during his lifetime.

Read Paul Mampilly’s Interview with Ideamensch for more information.

How Fabletics Uses Innovative Services To Help Customers

Fabletics is a company that was founded by Kate Hudson and TechStyle Group. Fabletics offers its customers fashionable activewear that is sold at an affordable price. In just the first three years, the company grew to a $250 million valuation. The clothing they sell is aspirational, convenient, and obtained through a membership with the company.

Before Fabletics entered the industry, women’s activewear wasn’t very fashionable and it was also very expensive. Fabletics disrupted the industry with their model and have captured a large portion of the market quickly. Their membership model is innovative and encourages customers to come back on at least a monthly basis. When becoming a member, Fabletics has the shopper fill out a Lifestyle Quiz that individualizes their tastes. The quiz results are used to show them activewear that fits their fashion sensibilities and will go well with what they already own.

Fabletics started out as solely an online retailer. The company now has brick & mortar stores in locations across the United States with several more planned for this year. Another innovation of Fabletics is the concept of reverse showrooming. Showrooming happens when people investigate a product at a brick & mortar store but then purchase the product online elsewhere for a less expensive price. Fabletics doesn’t care if you buy their products in the store or from their website. They encourage customers to look at clothing and then buy it online from their website if they so choose.

As a result of their reverse showrooming techniques, about 30-50% of the people who got to their physical stores are already a member of the company. Another 25% of customers become members after shopping at their stores. Another benefit of physical stores is that Fabletics is better able to keep a finger on the pulse of what fashions are popular in different parts of the country and adjust their offerings and stocking levels accordingly.

A popular blog that reviewed Fabletics was “A Foodie Stays Fit”. In addition to being a foodie, the blogger, Teri, is also an avid exerciser who engages in running, Crossfit, and golfing. She has been buying activewear from Fabletics since 2014 and in an article gave her opinions on the brand. After explaining how the membership model works, she talked about the quality of the clothing. Her opinion is that the quality is good and was actually higher than she was expecting it to be. Among her remarks are that they’re thick, have great compression, and they are fade resistant.

Teri was also very impressed by the styles she found. There are a wide variety of styles available that will fit everyone’s tastes. She also said that clothing is a great value and much cheaper than can be found elsewhere. She said you can get something for $50 that would cost more like $80 or more at other retailers such as Lululemon or Beyond Yoga. She recommends the brand due to a combination of value, fashion, and quality.

The Fine Hair Challenge Using WEN by Chaz

Fine hair can be hard to tame and is often weighted down by products just to keep your style for a couple of hours. Finer hair is more fragile and can’t take the abuse that coarser hair can take. Both products and heat tools can take a toll on the hair and if you aren’t using the right products then your hair suffers. Bustle featured an article about a girl doing a 7 day test run using WEN. She used WEN every day and each day brought something new and different.

Her struggle was that her hair was left looking oily and limps by the end of the day. Women especially, don’t desire that end result and they typically are more hair care product savvy because of their use of many hair care products. This lady noticed in one shampooing that her hair felt different. She stated that her hair felt thicker, cleaner, and overall looked shiny. At the end of the day she wasn’t disappointed like she had been with her previous brand. By mid-week she noticed that her hair wasn’t doing it’s normal thing. The change in her hair was a positive one. Would she recommend this product to others? Yes, she would. By the end of the week of shampooing her hair daily use of WEN, she concluded that WEN was great for people with fine hair.

Chaz Dean is the creator of WEN. He is a photographer turned cosmetology pro. He specializes in cutting and color and quickly climbed the ranks after his formal training. From that point on, he managed a salon then purchased it. Dean changed the name of the salon to Chaz Dean Store, It is an upscale salon that serves the needs of celebrity clients. His knowledge of hair is vast and that is what moved him to create his own hair care product line called WEN. WEN is a 5 in 1 product that cleanses and conditions the hair without any lather.

Wen products are Sephora available and can also be ordered online thru

For more hair care tips, subscribe to the Wen YouTube channel.

Beauty According to Doe Deere

Doe Deere is someone who has a lot of unique ideas when it comes to the industry of beauty. Given her line of make up, one should expect that she has some thoughts about beauty that others don’t share. However, even though it is an unusual idea of beauty, it is something that actually makes sense and brings hope to people who happen to listen to it and put a lot of thought into what is being said. This is also one of the ways that women can realize their own beauty even if they don’t have the conventional looks.


One thing that Doe Deere has said about beauty is that it is more about what feels good at the moment as opposed to what is the best looking. People are learning to look beyond the appearances and go more into the feeling of the beauty. Interestingly enough, this allows people to get really creative in their own self expression. After all, some of the most admirable people are the ones who do not pay too much mind to convention and focus on how they can be their best self while also being decent in their presentation.


Doe Deere herself is always making sure that she is moving away from convention when it comes to the products that she sales. She knows that most people could be stunning when they find something that works well for them. Doe Deere herself experiments with the looks she puts together and takes the time to show them to her fans. Her fans also put together make up that shows their creativity. Also, these people look really good in their make up. This also encourages people to give Lime Crime a try and to see what they can do with the product.


In this slowly changing world, the idea of beauty is changing. People are starting to see that beauty is all inclusive because people could just find a look that works for them and they will increase their physical appeal. Also, the type of energy they present to people has an influence on their perceived beauty.

For updates, follow Doe Deere on Twitter an Instagram.


Highland Capital Management Remains Dedicated to Offering Innovative Financial and Investment Products

Highland Capital Management is a successful investment advisory company that values its community. The company invests in financial markets and the communities where its employees work and reside. It is dedicated to improving people’s lives through volunteering activities, financial donations, and active involvement in advisory committees. These services are entirely open to community-based as well as national nonprofit organizations. As from 2005, the company and its partners had contributed over $10 million to organizations all over the world. You may have a look at the website to learn more.

The Formation of Highland Capital Management

In January 1990, Highland Capital co-founders James Dondero and long-time business partner, Mark Okada, established a joint venture with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. The enterprise specialized in fixed income markets. Later in 1993, it evolved into Protective Asset Management Company (PAMCO), which is an SEC-registered, and regulated, investment advisory company. Protective life owned 60 percent of PAMCO while the co-founders owned the remaining 40 percent of the company.

In May 1997, James and Mark purchased the shares of Protective Life and formed Ranger Asset Management, L.P., which is an independent advisory company that is SEC- registered. Later in 1998, Ranger Asset Management, L.P. was renamed to Highland Capital Management, L.P.

Investment Strategies

In 2000, Highland Capital Management expanded its investment base to include separate accounts and collateralized loan obligation (CLO) services through the introduction of a return strategy that focuses on distressed assets. For over ten years, the company continued to assist investors to achieve their risks and profit objectives through new strategies and value-oriented investments. These included retail and institutional funds with broad strategies such as credit hedge funds, equity funds, and oil & gas funds. Highland Capital Management has continued to be a trustworthy investment partner by investing alongside its customers.

Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management has its head offices in Dallas, Texas. The company’s other branch offices are in Singapore, New York City, Seoul, and Sao Paulo. It has provided a broad range of products for institutional and retail investors for more than 20 years. Highland Capital Management has a rapidly growing team of more than 180 employees worldwide. They also have a large social media network. Additionally, the company’s client base encompasses pension plans, financial institutions, and high net worth individuals.

Changing The Investment Industry

Warren Buffet placed a bet which will be decided this year. Warren set $1 million for charity, and he trusts he can have more success than investing in hedge fund, by investing in an S&P 500 passive index fund. According to the prediction, there are high chances that Warren will win. Mr. Buffet argues that there are many ordinary as well as expensive investments that are likely to short change business people. He is supporting the creation of pure investment funds which will be of great advantage to investors and should be purchased and held for an extended period.

Mr. Buffet has been an advocate for saving more for retirement, as well as getting invested and staying invested. For a long time, he has been providing insight Americans on how to invest. In an open letter, Warren Buffet mentions that it is crucial l for consumers to worry about product labels. He further said the active versus passive debate is no longer important to investors. Warren clearly says it not about the active or passive, but it is about providing excellent long-term investment returns at low cost.

Read more: Timothy Armour, Capital Group CEO, Says Post Trumo Change in Markets ‘Is Real’

Timothy D. Armour, who is well known as Tim Armour, is the Chairman and also the Chief Executive Officer of Capital Group. Armour also holds another leadership post at Capital Group Companies Management Committee as the Chairman and the Principal Executive Officer of Capital Research and Management Company Inc. which is a subsidiary of Capital Group. Ti m has vast experience in the investment sector, and this has given him an opportunity to held other leadership posts including being an Equity Portfolio Manager.

After his graduation from Middlebury College with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Tim began his career as a participant in the Capital Group’s Associates program. He continued to work with the firm, and his hard work made him climb the career ladder. In 2015 he was elected the Chairman of Capital Group. His role as the Chairman is to calm investors as he shows them positive direction.