Mike Baur Offers Something Special For Entrepreneurs

People around the world look for opportunities of all kinds. The world of business has been one that has brought people together and allowed them to help others as well. Many world business centers exist where people are more likely to come together to seek financing for an idea they have at and hope to see translated into an actual business. One place that has long been noted across the world for business is Switzerland. Switzerland is one of the world’s most useful nations when it comes to starting a business of any kind as Swiss national Mike Baur knows quite well.

An Accelerator Program

Baur realizes that Switzerland, Zurich in particular, offers tremendous opportunity for investors of all backgrounds. His own company, the Start Up Factory, is all about providing such opportunities for people. The Start Up Factory is based in Zurich as Baur realizes that this city can be of use to anyone who is planning a career in finance. He hopes that anyone who chooses to be part of his program will be able to find doing so quite useful and helpful at every turn. His program invites young people to learn about the process of starting a business of some kind.

Close Supervision

With Baur’s help, those at the factory get a three month program that helps introduce them to all areas of finance as well as the many ways that businesses are run. He can offer them the kind of help they need to be able to walk away from the program confident they have done all they can to have the skills to start a business on their own. His help includes a full support program that walks applicants through all aspects of starting any business from the very idea to an actual, functional business that offers people products and services they can use.

Carving Out A New Company

The ultimately goal of working with the Start Up Factory is one that is of great importance: learning how to start a new company. Those who work with Baur can learn how to start any company they have in mind. Baur knows that once such skills are mastered, it it even easier to start yet another business. He also knows that such skills can help people succeed at whatever they try in any field. He helps give them the wings they need to fly anywhere.

A New Treatment for Cancer with Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics is a unique and innovative company that is advertised as being a company that has created an alternative to cancer treatment that avoids any harmful toxins from entering the body that are common from other treatments of the disease. This biotechnology company was founded by Clay Siegall who used his ingenuity to create and commercialize a unique anti-body treatment that not only kills the cancerous cells, but also does so without harming the healthy cells in the body. As the leading company in the anti-body drug conjugate industry, this drug delivers cell-killing agents that are delivered directly to the cancerous cells. Without targeting the non-target cells, this anti-body drug eliminates the toxic side effects that are a result of other cancer treatments such as chemotherapy as well as radiation. Seattle Genetics is a prime example of advancement as well as a new way to look at cancer treatment that can eliminate cancer without the harmful side effects.

The anti-body drug is specifically designed to attach the monoclonal anti-bodies. Other cures that this new drug can help with include autoimmune diseases and many other diseases that are currently in progress of being tested. Currently, Seattle Genetics is in collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company to have the best scientists and technology at the disposal of Clay Siegall who has dedicated his entire research to this new therapeutic anti-body drug. As this treatment is already allowed in over 60 countries around the world, there are more partnerships to be formed within the years to come.

With over 20 years of research over this newly tested cure to cancer, there are still many tests to be conducted. However, thanks to the innovation of Clay Siegall and his team, research will continue to grow and be funded with the hope that the cure will develop even more over time and with hard work. These anti-body drugs have created a new idea of curing cancer without harming anything else in the body that is not a cancerous cell. With more development, this method will be able to eliminate cancer at even the later stages.