How Niranjan Shah Has Worked with the United States Federal Government

Niranjan Shah and his civil engineering company, Globetrotters Engineering Corporation, has been known for coming up with some of the most outstanding engineering in Chicago and the surrounding areas. He is the face behind the development of O’Hare International Airport Terminal 5. Although this was a substantial achievement, Niranjan Shah played a key role in the redevelopment of other projects in Chicago, including hospitals and Midway International Airport.

However, one of the standout achievements of Niranjan Shah is in the construction of the Deep Tunnel. Several civil engineering companies submitted their bids to construct the tunnel. However, most of them did not secure the project, which was later handled by Globetrotters Engineering Corporations. The company secured all the engineering and design work for the project, which played a critical role in the success of the project.

Niranjan Shah made sure that the Deep Tunnel project and other projects done in Chicago were a success. The success of these projects moved the company from local projects in Chicago to major projects that were having huge impacts around the country. Given that the company had operational licenses in Illinois, Kentucky, and Wisconsin, it was easier for it to have projects that could have major impacts around the country. Most of these projects have played a critical role in the reputation of the company.

After major success in Chicago and the surrounding states, Niranjan Shah was contacted by the government of the United States to handle major international projects. One of the major projects that Globetrotters Engineering Corporation handled includes reviewing and design a large number of United States embassies around the world. The department of state handed the contract to design embassies around the world.

Niranjan Shah continued to work with the government of the United States where he has been influential in handling several government projects around the country. The company worked with the United States Agency of International Development to handle several engineering projects in Belize, Indonesia, and the Philippines. In this project, the company was involved in the construction of pipelines, ports and harbors, bridges, rural roads, railroads, and waterways among others.

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Niranjan Shah Supported Hilary Clinton’s Campaign for US President

You will see Niranjan Shah as a guest for many of the fund-raising events for the Democratic Party. He is a Chicago business man who has been associated with the party for years. In 1974, he began his company Globetrotters Engineering Corporation in Chicago, Illinois. His company has grown to include two newer divisions which add to the services Globetrotters can offer their clients. When not managing his business, he turns his attention to politics.

For the 2016 campaign, when Hilary Rodham Clinton was running against Donald Trump for President of the United States, Senator Dick Durbin officially endorsed Hilary. Durbin and his associates hosted a high-dollar fundraiser for Hilary. His heavy-weight political associates were Rahm Emmanuel, The Chicago Mayor and the Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

Rahm Emmanuel endorsed Clinton after serving as President Bill Clinton’s White House Advisor and President Obama’s White House Chief of Staff. In May of 2014, Emmanuel decided to endorse Hilary for President. Obama has been close to Lisa Madigan ever since he served together in the legislature for Illinois.

The tickets were sold at $1000 per person to dine at a Chicago steakhouse owned by Phil Stefani, 437 Rush located just off the Magnificent Mile. This was one of Hilary Clinton’s biggest fundraising events. Niranjan Shah and his wife attended the steakhouse dinner, proudly supporting the Democratic Presidential candidate for the 2016 elections.

Niranjan Shah is an East Indian whose family was poor in his youth. America has offered him a full scholarship to a higher education and is the place where he built a large successful business partly because of the opportunities afforded minority owned businesses. Consequently, he is a democrat who generously supports his party.

Niranjan Shah was among the leaders attending the steakhouse dinner. He was in the company of other leaders like the co-host Laura Ricketts a bundler for the Obama campaigns and the co-owner of the Chicago Cubs. Prominent national leaders of the Jewish community, Alan and Andrea Solow attended and were on the host committee. The wife of White House Chief of Staff, William M. Daley, Bernadette Keller also attended along with many other prominent figures.

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Peter Harris of CBL Works to Rebuild the Company

Peter Harris of CBL was raised on a dairy farm. He hails from a farming area found in Rangiriri known as Waikato. He went to boarding school to be educated and studied in Southwell School located in Hamilton. He would achieve the distinction of Head Boy as a student. He was athletic as a young person and participated in sports including rowing and rugby. He also participated in sailing events.

Peter Harris was trained as an accountant. He passed his accounting exams as a student at Waikato Institute of Technology. Then, he would start his career in business. His first career experience was working as an accountant for the company Fletcher Steel. Back in 1984, he was distinguished with the Air New Zealand Young Businessman Award.

Early in his career, Peter Harris had diverse work experiences. He worked for both investment banks and insurance companies. However, he would eventually leave the accounting world and begin working in marketing for the financial and insurance broking sectors.

One decisive event in the career of Peter Harris is when he purchased the company of CBL along with the help of Alistair Hutchinson back in 1996. The company was not nearly as large back then as it grew to under the leadership of Peter Harris. Peter Harris recognized that CBL would need to expand overseas if it was to see significant growth.

CBL grew enormously after Peter Harris bought it. The company grew so much that it was able to be taken public in 2015. Then, the company would be traded on the stock exchanges in both New Zealand and Australia. CBL would eventually achieve a valuation of $780 in New Zealand currency.

Peter Harris is an entrepreneur and thought leader. His accomplishments in finance have been considerable. Peter Harris was the CEO of CBL. He also served as the managing director for the company. In this position, he garnered a great deal of experience in overseas expansion.

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Vijay Eswaran’s Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success

Malaysian entrepreneur, international speaker, and philanthropist, Vijay Eswaran is one of the world’s most interesting entrepreneurs. Author of the book Two Minutes from the Abyss–11 Pillars of Life Management, Vijay Eswaran invites his readers to consider the path of entrepreneurship.

As a man who once felt stuck in his own life, Vijay Eswaran answered the call to business owners when he knew he wanted more out of life than working for someone else. Now an economist, philanthropist, and successful entrepreneur, Vijay Eswaran is the founder of the QI Group, a powerful conglomerate of companies with headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong.

 The Path to Entrepreneurship

Every entrepreneur has their own unique story behind what inspired them to go into business for themselves For Vijay Eswaran, it was a series of unexpected events that brought him to this path. After spending over a decade in North America and the UK, Vijay Eswaran knew that he wanted to try something else.

Upon his return to Asia, Vijay Eswaran took on a variety of jobs, ultimately working as a publishing house’s CEO. Brought into save this company, Vijay Eswaran spent the next two years turning the business around only to lose out after the company fired him. After the company was sold behind his back, Vijay Eswaran knew one thing to be true: he needed his own business.

Eswaran was immediately drawn to direct selling as he had experience with it during his time in school. Through direct selling, Vijay Eswaran grew a successful sales team out of South East Asia. Through another disappointing experience of working with a dishonest company, Eswaran realized he could form his own direst selling business, taking full responsibility for his business and his team.

An Inspiration to Others

When asked about the most inspiring stories from his time as an entrepreneur, Vijay Eswaran shares an incident from the early days of working with direct selling. On a trip through the Philippines, Eswaran met with distributors to talk about their products and explaining the concept of direct selling to prospective customers.

After the meeting ended, an elderly woman greeted him and gifted him with a bag of fresh, home-grown produce to thank him for all the opportunities made possible through his direct selling company. Through the QI Group, this elderly woman was able to earn a supplemental income to take care of her granddaughter.

This heartwarming story is representative of the man behind the company. It was Vijay Eswaran’s dogged pursuit of entrepreneurship that brought him to direct selling and with his commitment to empowering his global community, Eswaran continues to be a beacon of hope to others around him that are equally as eager to change their lives.

Toyo Setalvencelicitaçãoparaobra no ComplexoPetroquímico do Rio de Janeiro

Toyo Setal Will Resume Work at the Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex

Work at the Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex, or COMPERJ, has been interrupted since 2015. However, Toyo Setal, a large-scale industrial contractor in Brazil, has won the bid. It has 18 months to complete the work.

According to Toyo Setal, this is a particularly important project as it marks a resumption of work with its traditional partner, Petrobras. As well, the contractor had already done a complete assessment of the site and was prepared to issue a complete plan of operations.

A particularly difficult obstacle to winning the bid was the number of companies in the running. A common denominator between all bidders was that each had already worked with Petrobras and shown a capacity to handle the work. Much of the differentiation lay in the bid-offer. As well, the sector had experienced a considerable hit due to economic circumstances in Brazil. Many companies had little opportunity to build up a portfolio and were interested in the work.

For the region and the town of Itaboraí, where the COMPERJ is located, returning work is good news. The economic situation in Brazil and stopped work at the COMPERJ were particularly difficult for the region. The utilities work alone is expected to result in 1,000 direct jobs, each one generating four supporting jobs.

Toyo Setal/Estaleiro EBR is a Brazil-based contractor that focuses on the development and completion of highly-complex industrial projects. It works on the EPC, or engineering, procurement and construction, basis. It has global experience operating in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Mining, Fertilizer and Energy. It’s also a subsidiary of TS Participações e Investimentos SA.

Toyo Setal works with a high-performance team of multidisciplinary professionals committed to delivering comprehensive solutions tailored to a client’s specific needs. The company is equipped to work according to different national and international standards with a focus on safety, productivity and profitability within the contract deadline.

COMPERJ is a Petrobras supply project. It was planned to process oil and gas from pre-salt superfields. However, the lack of requisite private-sector partners caused COMPERJ to redirect as a refinery capable of producing hundreds of thousands of barrels of gasoline, diesel and other oil-based products per day.

Smita Shah Leads Chicago in Celebrating Mahatma Gandhi’s Legacy

Recently, Smita Shah, the Chicago Sister Cities International Delhi Committee chair and the SPAAN Tech CEO and President, hosted a luncheon in Chicago in celebration of Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy. Gandhi is celebrated globally as the inspiration for civil rights movements. Besides this, he also committed himself to push the world to adopt an economic model that preserves nature and also promoting religious tolerance. Chicago is a very diverse city and the tolerance qualities that Gandhi promoted also play a major role in its prosperity.

The Mahama Gandhi Day

In attendance at this luncheon was Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the First Lady, Amy Eshelman, Senator Dick Durbin, and World Business Chicago CEO Andrea Zopp. During the event, Mayo Lori was welcomed to the stage where he took the chance to proclaim October 2 as the Mahatma Gandhi Day. This day is meant to recognize the 150th anniversary of Gandhi’s birth and acknowledge his lasting legacy. The proclamation of Mahatma Gandhi Day in Chicago was also an appreciation of the Indian-American community in the city.

Smita Shah mentioned that it was a great honor for every Indian-American in Chicago to have the city observe this day. She went on to state that this was a major step the city was making to promote inclusivity and cultural tolerance. This luncheon was the 5th to be held by Smita, and she expressed her hope that the annual event would grow to be inclusive.

About Smita

This SPAAN Tech CEO and President is also a Professional Engineer (P.E.) and an active entrepreneur. She founded her company, SPAAN Tech, in 1998, which has become widely successful in its industry. Smita Shah is also well-educated, having studied at the North-western University, Oxford University, and MIT, where he pursued business education and engineering.

As an entrepreneur, Smita has always been a high achiever, and this helped her lead the company to success. She is also dedicated to building stronger international partnerships and promoting cultural and economic growth. It’s a blend of these qualities that has seen her win numerous awards and recognitions. She was awarded the congressionally recognized and prestigious Ellis Medal of Honor, for the accomplishments she has had as the chair of the Delhi-Chicago Sister Cities Committee.

Besides this, this entrepreneur is also the APEC Women and the Economy Forum (WEF) U.S. delegate. From time to time, she also guides the White House Advanced Team. Smita Shah was named the 19th Most Connected Person in Chicago by Crain’s Chicago Business and the Community Leader of the Year by the American Consulting Engineers Council of Illinois. Ernst and Young also recognized her as the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist. Learn more:

This P.E. also serves as a member of several boards, including those of businesses and organizations like the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago Plan Commission, and Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation. She is also a strategic advisor and civil leader in several public policy organizations like the MIT Corporation Development Council and the Democratic National Convention Rules Committee Vice-Chairperson. Throughout her career, Smita Shah has always been keen on nurturing entrepreneurship and innovation.

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High-quality Food Services a Family Tradition for Jack Landsmanas and Corporativo Kosmos

Jack Landsmanas Stern is keeping true to the legacy of Corporativo Kosmos, a well-respected leader and innovator in the food-service industry. In so doing, Jack promotes principles instilled by his grandfather, Corporativo Kosmos founder, Pablo Landsmanas. His legacy is perseverance, integrity, humanitarianism and a positive impact on Mexico through environmental safekeeping and economic stimulation. In 1959, Pablo Landsmanas immigrated to Mexico and started work at a meat outlet. He gained experience in the food industry and opened a butcher shop named La Modelo. This was the foundation for what would be Corporativo Kosmos, a Mexican corporation providing millions of meals daily.

Pablo’s legacy continues with the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation. Jack Landsmanas Stern founded it in 2016 in Pablo’s memory and as a means to pass on his grandfather’s principles of perseverance, passion and integrity. The Foundation’s motto is “For you, for them, for Mexico”, and it carries on Pablo Landsmanas’ philosophy of community outreach through the promotion of education, food and health services and environmental stewardship for less-protected populations. The Foundation also donates meals to half a million abandoned children, teen mothers and sufferers of HIV/AIDS or addiction. Jack Landsmanas Stern maintains the highest level of quality in the distribution of Corporativo Kosmos products and services and relies on the company’s logistics capabilities, infrastructure, experience and resources. He puts Corporativo Kosmos’ continuous-improvement policy into action, expanding the company’s reach into food services for institutions.

This has also served to further clarify Corporativo Kosmos’ role as a quality and innovative food-services provider for the entire nation of Mexico. Jack Landsmanas Stern’s operations move 800 tons of food in order to feed 3 million people daily in 30 states. The company also provides hotel and catering services aboard oil platforms and offers ship-provisioning services, pantry services and box lunch preparation services while maintaining the highest food-industry standards. Corporativo Kosmos provides a safe and efficient workplace through strict compliance with health and safety regulations. It also trains, develops and elevates its employees, guaranteeing quality services and products along the entire supply chain.

James Reese; From Retired Veteran to Successful Entrepreneur

James Reese, a Mansfield University graduate, is the CEO and founder of TigerSwan. Tigerswan is a security company that deals with crisis management and ensures its clients’ safety in a world full of corruption and fraud. Tigerswan is a global company whose clients range from corporate clients to governments. James Reese founded the firm in 2007 after and has built it into a successful global company. Its headquarters are located in North Carolina with numerous offices around the globe. Tigerswan is a Service-Disabled Veteran-owned small business; this means a disabled veteran majorly owns it.

James Reese served in the U.S Army for more than two decades before retiring in 2007. He was a skilled combat leader and a special operator. James Reese served as a Commissioned Officer and also as a Non-Commissioned Officer during his time in the military. His time in the military helped James Reese to understand the value of listening and equipped him with skills to become a true leader.

Many veterans find it challenging to fit into everyday life on completion of their service to the military, but this was not the case for James Reese. He quickly adapted his skills to form new economic opportunities. The idea to start TigerSwan came to James Reese while in Iraq during a combat rotation. He built on the concept together with a colleague over a cup of coffee. However, James had no capital to start the business, but he had an advantage as a disabled veteran, and that is how TigerSwan came to be a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business.

Image result for james reese tigerswan

James Reese admits that being a Dela commander for the army was much easier and less complicated than running a business, but he has found ways to make it work. Unlike in the military where he was given the best to work with at no cost, at Tigerswan, he has to spend money to get the most qualified workers. James Reese provides job opportunities for veterans like himself at TigerSwan. He works with a combination of civilians, law enforcement people, and the former military. James’s aim as a leader is to serve the community, a role that he is achieving through Tigerswan.

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Is OSI Group Helping McDonalds Go Meatless?

Most people that it’s only time before McDonalds joins the rest of the fast-food world by offering a meatless option instead of meat-based burgers. There are questions concerning what company they will end up going with to supply them with these burgers but with the recent partnership between Impossible Foods and OSI Group, a partnership between the fast-food giant and McDonalds seems more than possible. OSI Group has already proven that they are up to international demand from their headquarters in Chicago and the almost 70 more facilities in the United States and other countries. The company has managed to grow to be one of the largest producers of food on a global level and they are still committed to the individual needs of each client that they work with.

Producing meatless burgers may seem a lot different than the other types of protein that OSI Group McDonalds produces as they are known for their meat products, but it is still well within their capabilities and Impossible Foods has entrusted them to be their main co-manufacturer while they also increase their own capacity by double so far. There really is no telling exactly how big the Impossible startup will grow and OSI Group has promised their dedication to do everything that they can to keep up with them. While meeting demand for quantity is important, they also ensure that they are able to maintain consistent quality as well so their customers around the world will always get the products that they expect.

OSI Group has been growing its business near Chicago for the last century and they are nowhere near finished. Their CEO has dedicated the company to ensuring that its operations remain sustainable no matter how big they grow globally and nationally. They not only strive to protect the environment, but they also make different efforts throughout their communities. The solutions that they offer their partners are also customized and they are not told to choose them from a catalog. Instead, the food producer works with each client to make sure that they can provide exactly what they were hoping for.

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Kevin Plank is Making History Again with Under Armour

The recent debut of the Virgin Galactic space suits in New York got a lot of attention around the world as they will be part of the earliest history of commercial space travel. Their partner Under Armour, founded by Kevin Plank, will also be part of the history books and their innovative apparel that will be featured in space will also probably be in museums in the next century when space travel has presumably advanced considerably. Even though commercial space travel is just in its infancy, Virgin Galactic and the designs from the company in which Kevin Plank is the Chairman of the Board have already have received a lot of interest and millions in deposits from potential future astronauts.

Kevin Plank designed the clothing for Under Armour to last on the field, but these designs featured in New York have now been tailored to stand up to the conditions in space. The planned commercial trips to space are planned to last around 90 minutes and will cost $250 thousand. While it may be a hefty price tag, it is a unique experience that only a small minority of the world will have the chance to experience in their generations. The space tourists will be able to keep the space suit and other accessories which makes it a nice souvenir that Richard Branson expects will be kept as a memento like a wedding dress for their passengers.

Kevin Plank is excited about the relationship between Under Armour and Virgin Galactic and has already changed the way that people play sports. He created Under Armour to produce a product he wished would have been available while he was on the football team of the University of Maryland. The space suits that were created for Virgin Galactic are a lot different than their original t-shirt, but the technology behind them is all already available through different products from the company. his company has been around for more than two decades after being founded in Baltimore, Maryland and they are now operating globally with more than 14,000 employees. Athletes through all different levels wear his products including Misty Copeland and Michael Phelps.