2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year: Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is the most talked about company in tech right now. They are hot off the heels of receiving the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year from TMC, the Technology Marketing Corporation. In fact, this is the second award they received this year from the firm which hands out recognition to deserving players in technology innovation. The particular award is reserved for outstanding achievement and creation of a new product, which Talk Fusion did when it delivered the Video Chat app to the marketplace.

Video Chat is becoming one of the most fast downloaded apps in the Google Play Store and iTunes, completely sweeping the charts in places like Indonesia, Malaysia, and abroad. The reps for the company are getting people signed up in over 140 countries worldwide. The new 30 day free trial is an amazing offer that anyone who likes to talk with their friends, family, or colleagues should consider. Thanks to the WebRTC technology platform, users can connect face to face from anywhere on the globe. All it takes is a wifi or data connection.

The CTO says that the award is very nice but that they have their focus on bigger and better things. This includes the orphanage they support in Indonesia, by allowing children to have better lives now and in the future. Also, they donate funds to animal charities, shelters, and other social causes across the globe as an ethical company.

It is rare to find this combination of ethics and success, but Bob Reina is the reason behind this. He is a leader that is respected by his employees and customers. He has been in charge of the company since 2007.

The way he founded Talk Fusion was by stumbling upon a solution to a common problem of embedding videos into emails to communicate more effectively. He found the solution by partnering with a specialist in technology. The pair took off from there, providing immense value to the marketplace and continuing to innovate. Reina started as a police officer and then went into direct sales before creating Talk Fusion, the groundbreaking company.

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