California Professional Named New Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows Chairman

Andy Wirth has been named the new chairman of Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows. He was among those seated at a July 9th meeting. He was proudly appointed by the Reno-Sparks Convention where he was also appointed as board member and Visitor’s Authority. A recent Sierra Sun article reported that new people will bring new ideas. Andy Wirth plans to bring the airport to a higher level and increase tourism at the Squaw Valley ski resort. Wirth is highly respected among his colleagues and brings his development skills and strong professional leadership to the forefront for business growth and productivity.

Andy Wirth is highly knowledgeable in international resort management and has worked with top airlines across to country to provide flights to popular Utah, Colorado, and Canadian resorts. Wirth is dedicated in improving traveling for the entire western region. He is honored to serve the RSCVA and is dedicated to customer service excellency. He has also served as a Financial Analyst and Budget Manager for Washoe County that gives him expertise in finances. Wirth’s new position will allow him access to the airport Gateway to Lake Tahoe. According to recent news reports, Wirth is excited to work with a new staff has an initiative for quality air. control.

Andy Wirth has made it his mission to make Lake Tahoe one of the top ski resorts in the world. He is a strong supporter of environmental snd community organizations. His focus is contributing to improvements that will benefit people of all ages. Wirth acknowledges that he is a team player and is ready to work with his new colleagues. He believes that the foundation of his success is based on teamwork and building a great team. He continues to serve on the board and be an active part of the community.

A near fatal skydiving accident couldn’t debilitate Wirth. He formed a team called the Wounded Warrior Support group that honors the Navy Seals. The organization provides support for their team members and family members after they return home. Discover more about Andy Wirth by visiting his Linked In account.

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  1. Being outgoing, Andy Wirht is really the person with the kind of temperament that many companies would want to head their organization. All the dreams reviews, could have just been dashed to the hard ground and many would have heard only the sad news. But now this man does a lot to help people in deer need and it is one of the reputation that he can keep on.

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