Contribution of Securus Technologies to the Society

Security is a paramount need that every citizen should enjoy. With the growing technology and new ways of doing things, it only means that crime rate and its sophistication may go a notch higher. It is therefore very crucial to match the technological advancements when ensuring security and safety of the people. It is for this reason that we work day and night to see to it that this is enforced at Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies has a wide visibility across North America. Its scope of coverage entails approximately 1.2m inmates, agencies dealing with law enforcement and corrections and over 3,450 public safety. Our office is situated in Dallas, Texas. We are at the top when it comes to offering technological solutions in solving civil and criminal suits. This is meant to ensure public safety. We are also engaged in thorough investigations using the state of art technology. We see to it that appropriate corrections are done to control crimes that may occur between incarcerated inmates.


We encourage feedback from our customers so that we can better our ways every other day. Most of these comments are derived from the various officials tasked with crime prevention and enforcement of public safety. This way, we ensure the jails are a safe environment to foster positive change among the inmates. Some of this feedback is received through letters and emails in response to our work. Our aim is to have every member of society, may it be parolees, families or inmates in safe hands.


In addition, at Securus Technologies, we offer emergency responses in a swift and efficient manner. We are also focused in incident management aiming to effectively contain any situation within the fastest time possible. We also manage information to public, carry out biometric analysis and carry out information management through the set standards to ensure effective communication.