Doe Deere and Lime Crime Grow into a Brand

In a recent article published in ideamensch a successful but controversial new business mogul was the focal point. Doe Deere and her company Lime Crime represent a contemporary story of creating a brand from the “gut” feelings of the mover behind the brand, Doe Deere. Deere has colorfully fashioned herself from her inner being and while doing this personal transformation has created a fashion influencing empire from her business, Lime Crime.

Deere is an immigrant from Russia with strong roots in New York City and a background in the music business. She and her husband, Mark, were both members of a band and Deere gained a sense of marketing from her experiences promoting her then product. Bands fail, and businesses fail but Deere has soldiered on and developed Lime Crime into a cosmetics contender from its humble roots on the Internet. She began her outrageous cosmetics line using herself as the figurehead. Thankfully, Deere is an attractive woman, and her outrageous looks have worked for her, and along the way she has found that many young women identified with her. She has taken advantage of a fashion revolution affecting young women and their choices for clothing and cosmetics. Athleisure has become an alternative to casual wear and strong eye and lip treatments have helped many women to stand out in a crowd.

As the borders between men and women have started to fall, there is also a sense of wanting to be famous. This has helped Deere and Lime Crime to increase their market share in the cosmetics industry. Even older, sophisticated, and fashionable women have found the products offered by Lime Crime worthy of trying. Unlike men, women are adventurous and willing to try something new. Women also have a greater sense of theater than their counterparts. They see fashion as transitory and are happy to break any rules and surmount any fashion barriers in their way.

Doe Deere has done everything right in pursuing her goal of creating a brand. They say that all publicity is ultimately good for the company. Deere uses herself as the figurehead for her brand and people are excited to know more about her and her business. She has maintained a sense of mystery about herself, but ideasmensch has asked her the right questions to discover the true person who exists behind the chiffon colored hair and strong makeup.

Doe Deere may soon move out of the limelight as her business continues to succeed. She has started to become a mentor to other women who want to fashion their careers, and any advice she gives should be taken seriously.

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