Dr. Richard Shinto Selects Professional Executives to Join InnovaCare Health Leadership Group

Professional executives, Jonathan Meyers, Penelope Kokkinides and Mike Sortino were selected by Dr. Richard Shinto, president of InnovaCare Health to join its leadership group. The announcement was released in a Business Wire press release on July 28th, 2016. Meyer is serving as chief actuary officer and Kokkinides serves as the company’s chief administrative officer. Dr. Rick Shinto appointed Sortino to serve as chief accounting officer. Each executive brings 20 plus years of experience to the leadership team and expertise in government programs, care management, organization infrastructure, and the insurance industry.

Dr. Shinto said in the press release he selected Jonathan, Penelope and Mike based on their credentials. The executives collectively possess high level experience, professional integrity and expertise; the work ethic qualities he was searching for in professionals on innovacarehealth.com. Meyers has served as chief financial officer, chief actuary, vice president, and director of actuarial services for Managed Care, Healthcare Partners, and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield. Kokkinides joins the InnovaCare leadership group bringing years of experience serving as former executive vice president, chief operating officer, and corporate vice president. Sortino has more than 10 years of prior combined knowledge in accounting serving as chief financial officer and working in public accounting.

InnovaCare Health is a headquartered Puerto Rican company and provider of managed healthcare services in North America. The company runs two Medicare Advantage plans, PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare; and two Medicaid Plans associated with the Puerto Rico Government Health Plan. Medicare Advantage has over 200,000 members served by approximately 7,500 providers on Facebook. The company’s provider network program gives medical physicians and specialists access to cost efficient healthcare models.

PMC Medicare and MMM Healthcare are subsidiaries of parent company, InnovaCare Health. The companies offer the highest quality synchronized care services based on Puerto Rican local and federal guidelines. Dr. Richard Shinto also announced five days after the new leadership executive team InnovaCare joined HHS Initiative to restructure the payment models. InnovaCare Health is responsible for helping measure progression of goals created by LAN.

InnovaCare is a LAN Committed Partner and dedicated to supporting the private partnership’s mission to speed up the transitional process of payment reform. The company’s participation involves LAN Nationwide Data Collection, quantity data surveys, and categorize payments for InnovaCare Medicare and Medicaid Advantage plans. Jonathan Meyers, Penelope Kokkinides and Mike Sortino have the expertise to help LAN accomplish its goal of reforming the healthcare payment system to process providers’ payments based on quality of care.

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