Education in the Hands of Betsy DeVos

Since the beginning of her career, Betsy DeVos has worked to make education something that everyone can have equal access to across the country. She worked hard to make things better for children who had no previous opportunities and that gave her a chance to be able to provide more options for each of the children who she worked with. She knew that it was important for all kids to get a certain type of education and Betsy DeVos rejected the notion that public school was going to work for everyone. Since other schooling options did cost money, though, she had to come up with an idea to make sure that people would be able to afford the education that their children deserved no matter what their financial situation was. She wanted to have the public school outlook with the private school quality of education for children across the country.

The first step that Betsy DeVos took during the beginning of her philanthropic efforts was to make sure that she was doing what she could to provide options to people through the voucher program. She set up charities that would help raise money for children to go to school. She also worked with government agencies to get traditional public school funds to go toward these vouchers. Then, she used the funds and handed out the vouchers to the children who would be able to get the most out of the private schools where they could use the vouchers. It boosted the student’s quality of education and also helped the private schools to see a huge increase in their body of students.

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While Betsy DeVos recognized that private schools were a great option, she also knew that charter schools were great too. The idea behind a charter school is that students are able to get the same type education and experience as they would in a private school but they would be in a school that was free just like a public school. DeVos worked hard to show people that was what she was going to do and also gave them a chance to be able to see that there was more to life than just public school. She did all of this work without any type of pay.

The philanthropic efforts that she has put into education and making life better for students around the country has given her the chance to see that there is much more to life than public school. It has helped thousands of Americans and Betsy DeVos is behind all of it. She is a great philanthropist who knows what she is doing with education and with the options that come along with the educational process. Check this article from New York Post.