End Citizens United Endorses New Mexico Senator Heinrich

There is a political revolution boiling underneath the surface of the United States government and it may not be the one that you think. President Trump rolled into office on a wave of hateful rhetoric and a surplus of the ‘silent majority’. As it turns out, the real silent majority are not joining Donald Trump for a victory lap. Instead, a political action committee named End Citizens United is rallying independents and progressives alike in order to join together in the fight against dark money in the political machine. End Citizens United was started by PAC President Tiffany Muller and they are experiencing a rise in activity that they haven’t seen in quite some time.


The team at End Citizens United formed due to their shared interest in dismantling the decision of the 2010 Supreme Court case featuring the conservative group, Citizens United. Citizens United lobbied the Supreme Court in order to fight for looser financial campaign restrictions. Effectively, Citizens United argued with the Supreme Court in order to define the legality of getting bribed — dark money. That decision would end up fundamentally perverting the American political scene as it allowed a surplus of money into the political ring.


Through the first quarter of 2017 the men and women at End Citizens United have seen a rise in donations and fundraising activism that they hadn’t thought would be possible. In the first quarter alone End Citizens United has raised nearly $4 million from over 100,000 contributors. Of those contributors, nearly 40% of them were first time givers. This means that people are being motivated to go out in force to show their opposition to the Citizens United decision. While many of these givers are uniquely focused on the issue of dark money in politics, others merely want an avenue to strike back against the increasingly illegitimate presidency of Donald J. Trump. Muller says, “This is their way of fighting back.”


What End Citizens United is trying to do, in essence, is the impossible. Allowing dark money into politics was as easy as lobbying the Supreme Court. Getting it out is going to be a whole different matter. So in order to make that happen End Citizens United knows that they need to endorse political candidates who are willing to go and fight the Citizens Untied decision at a legislative level, just not in terms of fundraising. End Citizens United recently made a huge endorsement by standing behind Senator Heinrich from New Mexico.


Senator Heinrich is a top Democratic politician who has been vocally against big money in politics. Senator Heinrich said, “Our democracy should never be for sale and I’m honored to have the support of End Citizens United.”