Fabletic’s commitment to fulfilling Customer Needs

Fabletics is one of the few online brands that have grown into multi-million dollar businesses within a few years. The athleisure wear manufacturer was founded in 2013 and is currently taking over the business in the U.S. The enterprise has managed to make more than $235 million in the past four years. Fabletics has been working to ensure that all the personalized products that it offers to the clients fulfill their needs. Its co-founder, Kate Hudson, has developed excellent business strategies that consider the opinions of the consumers. Most people in the U.S have easy access to the internet, and therefore, they tend to research about brands before deciding to buy their products. Many people trust the information that they get from client reviews that are crowdsourced.


Well established companies in different industries have a client reviews section that allows people to post opinions about their products and services. The field is beneficial since it allows the public to get reliable information about a specific firm. Businesses that have positive public remarks have high chances of attracting many new clients. The revenue that an enterprise earns is greatly influenced by the relationship that it has developed with the public. Companies that receive positive comments from consumers of their products are rated highly by most search engines, and therefore, they are shown on the first page when searched. A business can attract internet users to try its products just because of the reviews that it gets from clients.


Fabletics has made sure that it provides outstanding customer services, and this has enabled it to retain approximately 85 percent of its subscribers. A huge percentage of the new people who join its subscription plan are referred by their families and friends. Such statistics show that the profitability of an enterprise is significantly determined by its relationships with the clients. Research also indicates that review websites have been getting a high number of visitors in the past few years. This show that consumers have developed a habit of reading public remarks about products before deciding to acquire them. Many people also write their opinions about brands after using their commodities. The administrators of Fabletics have ensured the enterprise offers excellent products by taking consumer reviews seriously.


Kate Hudson has acted as the face of Fabletics since it was founded. Her contributions to the company have significantly helped it to be successful. She is in the top Fabletics administration and assists in developing its strategic plans. Hudson has utilized outstanding approaches in enabling the brand to be successful despite the stiff competition in the industry. Fabletics provides high quality customized products to its clients at a fair price, and this has enabled it to attract over one million subscribers. It gives customers remarkable after sales services that include gifts and free deliveries. The company has supplemented its e-commerce platform by establishing over 30 physical stores. This has enabled it to be convenient to a large number of customers and can compete with industry giants such as Amazon.