Getting to Know Eric Pulier

You surely cannot tell his success by merely taking a glance on his face. Eric Pulier is not only a graduate of Harvard University but is also an individual that has accomplished much in his life. As a grade four student in high school, Eric Pulier began to work as a computer programmer. By the time he completed high school, Eric Pulier already had started a database computer company. In 1984, he began studying at Harvard University and became the editor of the school’s daily newspaper known as The Harvard Crimson. He also wrote for this newspaper.

In 1991, Pulier moved to Los Angeles to chase his dreams. He established People Doing Things (PDT), a company that majored on healthcare, education among other issues through the use of technology. Later in 1994, Pulier started an interactive agency that was known as Digital Evolution, a company that linked up with US Interactive LLC In 1998. Pulier for the compassion for children with chronical illness, put in his resources and technology know-how to help in the establishment of Starbright World, a private social network for children with chronical illness, where they can post blogs, chat as well as meet with other kids with similar experiences as them.

Among the most revolutionary startups for Eric Pulier is Xprize. The program culminates competitions and prizes for the individuals who are willing to push themselves to their fullest potential. The vision behind this program was to encourage teens and adults alike that they can achieve their dreams and be rewarded for success.

Eric Pulier was in 1997 selected by the President Inaugural Committee to create and execute the Presidential Technology Exhibition that was known as The Bridge to The 21st Century, an exhibition that was held in Washington DC. As a result of this presentation, Pulier was privileged to participate in the then vice president Al Gole’s healthcare and technology forum where he gave guidelines on health and technology initiatives.

Eric Pulier is the co-founder of ServiceMech Inc. where he serves as the Chair and the Chief Executive Officer. He is a public speaker at premium technology conferences around the world and has authored a book known as Understanding Enterprise where he gives an introduction to the topic.


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