How Fabletics Uses Innovative Services To Help Customers

Fabletics is a company that was founded by Kate Hudson and TechStyle Group. Fabletics offers its customers fashionable activewear that is sold at an affordable price. In just the first three years, the company grew to a $250 million valuation. The clothing they sell is aspirational, convenient, and obtained through a membership with the company.

Before Fabletics entered the industry, women’s activewear wasn’t very fashionable and it was also very expensive. Fabletics disrupted the industry with their model and have captured a large portion of the market quickly. Their membership model is innovative and encourages customers to come back on at least a monthly basis. When becoming a member, Fabletics has the shopper fill out a Lifestyle Quiz that individualizes their tastes. The quiz results are used to show them activewear that fits their fashion sensibilities and will go well with what they already own.

Fabletics started out as solely an online retailer. The company now has brick & mortar stores in locations across the United States with several more planned for this year. Another innovation of Fabletics is the concept of reverse showrooming. Showrooming happens when people investigate a product at a brick & mortar store but then purchase the product online elsewhere for a less expensive price. Fabletics doesn’t care if you buy their products in the store or from their website. They encourage customers to look at clothing and then buy it online from their website if they so choose.

As a result of their reverse showrooming techniques, about 30-50% of the people who got to their physical stores are already a member of the company. Another 25% of customers become members after shopping at their stores. Another benefit of physical stores is that Fabletics is better able to keep a finger on the pulse of what fashions are popular in different parts of the country and adjust their offerings and stocking levels accordingly.

A popular blog that reviewed Fabletics was “A Foodie Stays Fit”. In addition to being a foodie, the blogger, Teri, is also an avid exerciser who engages in running, Crossfit, and golfing. She has been buying activewear from Fabletics since 2014 and in an article gave her opinions on the brand. After explaining how the membership model works, she talked about the quality of the clothing. Her opinion is that the quality is good and was actually higher than she was expecting it to be. Among her remarks are that they’re thick, have great compression, and they are fade resistant.

Teri was also very impressed by the styles she found. There are a wide variety of styles available that will fit everyone’s tastes. She also said that clothing is a great value and much cheaper than can be found elsewhere. She said you can get something for $50 that would cost more like $80 or more at other retailers such as Lululemon or Beyond Yoga. She recommends the brand due to a combination of value, fashion, and quality.