How Madison Street Capital Helped A Security Software Firm Find The Right Business Partner

There are not many companies that have the expertise that is needed to succeed in the American financial services market and cultivate the aptitude that is necessary to capitalize on opportunities around the world. Fortunately for businesses that are looking for an investment management firm that can accomplish both of these things they need look no further than Madison Street Capital. The Chicago-based financial services company has managed to offer services that meet the needs of businesses in a wide variety of markets. Though the Madison Street Capital reputation is one that has been cemented by its connections to overseas markets the company is perfectly capable of managing complex financial transactions for businesses that are based in the United States. According to Madison Street Capital is an investment management company that is known for having a global perspective. Towards the top of 2017 the firm helped to close a deal brokered between a technology company based in the Southeastern United States and another investment firm.


The deal, which was brokered by Madison Street Capital’s Senior Managing Director Reginald McGaugh, involved the successful search for debt investment for the Virginia-based cybersecurity software company ARES Security Corporation and an entity known as Corbel Structured Equity Partners. The transaction demonstrated the multifaceted nature of Madison Street Capital’s suite of business skills. Under McGaugh’s careful leadership Madison Street Capital was able to help ARES Security Corporation determine how much it was worth and then was able to guide it through the process of seeking out and raising the debt investment that it was looking for. Ultimately both ARES Security Corporation and Madison Street Capital determined that Corbel Structured Equity Partners was the best choice for the company.


ARES Security Corporation specializes in delivering software that helps its clients protect their assets in a world where online security is increasingly being compromised. The company’s area of expertise represented a great opportunity for Corbel Structured Equity Partners to expand its portfolio in an industry where there is an opportunity for a lot of growth. The transaction proves Madison Street Capital’s ability to meet the needs of its clients in a responsive and nuanced way. According to Benzinga the board of ARES Security Corporation prioritized finding a financing partner that was the right fit for them and they looked to Madison Street Capital to achieve this. Corbel Structured Equity Partners’ ability to offer ARES Security Corporation financing terms that were flexible and their ability to connect them with future partners proved that they were the best fit for the company.

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