InnovaCare Health Expands Leadership to Include Penelope Kokkinides’s Operational Proficiency

The recently appointed leadership within InnovaCare Health has created another reason to add to its awarding reputation in the health care industry. The company has set a standard for competitors to reach higher within efforts of combating health care costs and reducing wasteful spending of government funds. With the addition of Penelope Kokkinides as the company’s Chief Administrative Officer, the opportunities for continuing those efforts have become even greater.She has a wealth of knowledge within government programs. With a 20 year career history in health care, Ms. Kokkinides offers InnovaCare Health a great opportunity for developing an operational infrastructure that is cost-efficient and well-organized. Her substantial knowledge of Medicare and Medicaid is a valuable asset to the leadership team of InnovaCare.Prior to joining InnovaCare Health, Ms. Kokkinides served as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer with Centerlight HealthCare. She also held an executive leadership role with AmeriChoice, a subsidiary of the United Health Group Company, while serving as the company’s Vice President for Care Management and Disease Management.

The President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Rick Shinto has been with the company since 2012 and also has 20 years of health care experience. Dr. Shinto’s clinical experience is a principal reason for the high quality service the company continues to achieve with its 200,000 members. As a previous Chief Medical Officer for NAMM of California, Dr. Shinto’s leadership has been an essential force in providing the levels of care that gives the assurance of high-quality results.InnovaCare Health has consistently committed its mission and vision to making sure that members are receiving cost-effective and innovative care through fully-integrated advanced technologies. The company has created sustainable business models for managed care that far exceed industry standards.

While the industry remains uncertain about the status of health care, the direction for insurance companies also remains unresolved. However, InnovaCare Health has continually moved forward with a very bold approach.The company was built and founded by Daniel E. Straus who also serves as the Chairman of the Board. Mr. Straus is a real estate developer by trade who became involved in health care during the early 1990’s and produced a health care enterprise that expanded to over 170 locations worldwide. InnovaCare Health is now the largest Medicare Advantage plan throughout the entire United States, including servicing health care plans in Puerto Rico. The company has a wide range of 7,500 providers within its servicing plans nationwide.