Jose Auriemo Pushing JHSF’s Influence, Value and Reach in the Real Estate Market

JHSF, founded in 1972, is a top high-end real estate developer in Brazil. The company has investments in residential properties, shopping centers, luxury hotels and international airports. JHSF also offers management services both commercial and residential properties. The bold, innovative, quality and unparalleled developments by the company distinguish it from all the other players.

Over the years the company has made its international debut in the U.S.A in Miami and New York and Punta del Este, Uruguay. JHSF is also present in Sao Paulo, Manaus, and Salvador, Brazil. The primary business areas of JHSF are real estate development, management and administration, retail, and hospitality and tourism. It is the pioneer real estate developer to incorporate a group of hotels in its portfolio. JHSF’s product portfolio includes the Fasano Hotels, Shopping Bela Vista, Shopping CidadeJardim, Shopping Ponta Negra, Praca Vila Nova, Mena Barreto 423, 815 Fifth Avenue, and Catarina Integrated Urban development which is under construction. The company now focuses more on the recurring income business that constitutes shopping malls and other commercial properties.

Jose AuriemoNeto is the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Some years back, Jose submitted a proposal for development to his Fabio Auriemo who was the president at the time. He had identified an area bordering Marginal Pinheiros that would potentially host luxury buildings. Fabio hesitated at first but eventually approved the land for development. Today, 80,000 square meter space hosts the ParqueCidadeJardim, a development consisting of nine residential complexes, a shopping mall, and offices.

In 2007, Jose Auriemo was at the center of the historic acquisition of the Fasano group of hotels. He has also initiated agreements with leading brands that occupy the company’s shopping malls in Brazil. Jose Auriemo’s mission as CEO is to lead JHSF to develop the best commercial and residential properties in leading capitals in the world. Jose has fulfilled some of his aspirations including venturing into international markets.

Jose Auriemo is a husband and a father to three children. He juggles his time between family and work. During the development of 815 Fifth avenue, he relocated his family to New York so that he could oversee the project and spent some time with them.