Keeping Our City Streets Safer Using Securus Technologies

My job as a police officer is making sure that our residents are safe and that the ones committing crimes are swept off the streets in a timely manner before they put innocent people in harm’s way. When were are dealing with local gangs however, things take on a whole new challenge because of the sheer numbers of members on the streets. Even with the top players in these gangs behind bars, they still hand down orders each day that the street-level soldiers to follow.


Trying to intercept these orders is one of my biggest challenges because these gangs tend to operate in the shadows, but my efforts of late have been yielding big results. No longer can we rely on informants in these type cases because no one wants to have to deal with the violence if they are ever discovered to have talked. Not only would they be in grave danger, their families would be subject to that violence if any gang member discovered they were sold out.


I decided to switch my efforts from the streets to the jail, and my luck was about to change thanks in part to Securus Technologies. The company installed a new inmate call system we would now be able to use to listen to how the inmates talked unlike ever before. The primitive phone system we used to have bared yielded any leads, but today that is different. The LBS software picks up on chatter from specific gang members in jail, and even though they think they are talking to their associates in code, we can piece together conversations and make sure we are a step ahead of any planned attacks or attempts to smuggle things to the jail.


With the help of Securus Technologies, we know when the leaders are telling street-level thugs when and where to commit crimes.