Kenneth Goodgame‘s Remarkable Track Record

There is a popular saying that if someone lives like others do, then he or she will get what others get. If a person settles, he or she will get a settled life. If a person strives for the best, he or she will live the best life. The reason why I am bringing this is because there are a lot of people out there who want to be successful. However, they lack the right techniques and tools to cultivate themselves for the best yield.

I draw my inspiration from one successful individual in his career. He has the right attributes of a successful person. He is an embodiment of drive, passion, self-confidence, willpower and energy needed for success.

Goodgame started his career at a young age as a marketing specialist. His strong affinity for excellence made him a darling to many companies he worked with. It did not take long before he started climbing to the top of the leadership ladder. In 1980, he was appointed the Senior Merchandising Manager of Black & Decker. This appointment marked the beginning of his leadership role in business. He climbed the ranks at a fast pace in various companies including Newell Rubbermaid, Techtronic Industries, Ace Hardware and many others.

At True Value, he is tasked with managing full P& L amounting to over $2.2 billion. He is in charge of the management team that focuses on enhancing inventory and merchandising SKU investments. He focuses on creating a balance in employee engagement and corporate structuring. His vast experience is a valuable asset for the company, especially in marketing its products. He has a veteran’s eye to identify potential market niches and analyze emerging market trends.

Kenneth Goodgame prides himself in hard work and determination. He carefully analyzes situations before making a decision. He is clearly a successful person who everyone in the society should emulate. He’s a role model to many and a motivator to the hopeless.

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