Lori Senecal is Leading the Charge

In life and in business, there are going to be ups and downs. You have to take the good with the bad, and hopefully grow from previous mistakes. But for Lori Senecal, her business life has really been a string of positive results. Currently the Global CEO at Crispin Porter & Bugusky, Senecal’s success began as soon as she came out of college.

Her first big-time venture was with TAG Ideation, which is a young-adult marketing unit that she started in 2003. From there, she was able to work with some of the biggest brands in the industry, from XBOX to Nabisco. After a brief stop with Coca-Cola, Lori became the Chief Marketing Officer of DDB Worldwide Communications Group until 2008. Continuing to move up the ladder at various companies, in 2009 she was named the President, CEO, and a partner of Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners, where she remained until 2014. Her trailblazing halted in 2015 when she was appointed the Director of the Advertising Council, Inc. where she has remained since. You can visit LinkedIn to know more.

Though her job hunt may have halted, her recognition in the business has not. In 2017, Fast Company put her on the list of the Most Creative People in Business. Other various awards include being on the list of “Agency Executives to Watch” in 2016 and being among AdWeek’s Power 100 List for two consecutive years. For more details visit gcreport.com

Lori Senecal is one of the brightest stars in the marketing industry, and it is because of her style. Her companies have shown a flair for the international market, while still blending enough to keep the local market intact. She has also been able to grow her companies in size over her career by focusing on the talent inside the company and trying to grow it from the inside to make changes. With this type of thought process, Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners, with Senecal in charge, saw their employee numbers rise from 250 total, to over 900 internationally.

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