Oncotarget’s contribution on the fight against cancer

Oncotarget is a weekly-assessed journal that has gained popularity due to its publications that mainly focuses on matters concerning oncology. It’s a scientific journal that is always published with the aim of making sure that any development or discoveries made by scientists are circulated as soon as they are made, thus creating a positive drive in the sector of research. Oncology being a wide branch of study has given Oncotarget the right to publish new findings made in other cancer-related fields of study like cellular metabolism in cancerous cells, cell, and molecules, neurodegradation, lymphocytes, microbes, pathways, and atherosclerosis.

To ensure that only valid information is published any submitted findings are evaluated to be verified. This at times may involve performing the experiments themselves and since they have prominent scientists at their disposal, nullified results by other organizations or journals can be submitted at their site for re-evaluation before being published by Oncotarget.Therefore, Oncotarget being known to publish credible journals it has been relied upon by many scientists to gather information from diverse cancer research from all over the globe. This has resulted in an increased knowledge and therefore brought us closer towards the breakthrough of finding a cure for cancer. The journal has also benefited the public abundantly with the information they have been publishing since it educates them with the causes and management of cancer.

The journal also gives the public various safety tips of minimizing the risk exposure to developing cancer by avoiding certain products which can increase the chances of cancer developing.Oncotarget has made it its routine to follow up with upcoming treatments including the clinical phases of new drug tests and its effects. This action has ensured care and proper measures are taken by the scientists by taking their research and findings serious.It’s clearly indisputable that Oncotarget has made a paramount contribution toward fighting against cancer as it is a means from which scientists get to obtain clarification in fields that they have not understood well. This has made the Journal a very good source of factual information which can be trusted and used as reference points when combating cancer.