Jose Hawilla Says This Is Journey To Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship can be very fulfilling, yet on the other hand, a painful journey, especially if you’re not ready. According to Brazilian-based businessman, Jose Hawilla, you need to build the mental tools necessary to not only survive, but thrive in this environment.


Hawilla says entrepreneurs who are emotionally invested in the journey have a higher success factor. Here are three tips to help budding entrepreneurs make better progress;


  1. Believe in yourself

Success in life is not easy, nor is it guaranteed, but for anyone else to believe in you, you must believe in yourself. There are only two things that actually keep you from doing anything to succeed: self-doubt and fear. These are only protective mechanisms that hold you back, but you cannot use your doubts and fears as an excuse. Only when you truly believe in yourself 100% will you be able to escape these paradigms and realize your full potential.


  1. Perserverance

Every entrepreneur will go through difficult times but only a few of them manage to hang on. Great entrepreneurs do everything to avoid failure, but if they do, it motivates them to overcome and try, try again. They see these failures as opportunities to improve. Their determination drives them to follow the course they have set and to make every effort to succeed, regardless of the challenges they will face.


  1. Passion

This is certainly the element that brings together the most successful entrepreneurs: passion. They love their business and what they do, and this is certainly the decisive point in their success.


Jose Hawilla reminds enthusiatic entrepreneurs that it’s not always easy, but sometimes the first step towards success is taking ownership of your destiny and become the architect of your own success.


Hawilla, a prominent businessman in Brazil reflects back to 1979, when he was terminated from a journalistic position for attending a strike. In limbo because of a blacklist Hawilla points out how important it was to move forward, instead of licking his wounds. Many people find a job termination debilatating, but for Jose Hawilla, it provided clarity for his purpose-driven passion. It sparked the zeal for a new business. Partnering with three others, Hawilla bought Traffic, a sports marketing firm. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Jose Hawilla is a 30-year veteran of radio, television and newspapers. Correspondent, contributor, and producer Hawilla has collaborated in a myriad of opportunities including Brazilian sporting events the World Cup and Olympic Games. He continues to inspire and motivate. You can search on Google for more.



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The New Changes In The Career Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

There are many things that we can say about Bradesco. The online news sites are replete with information that tells a complete analysis for this multinational and gigantic company. One of the most prominent information that we can read today is about the election of the new Bradesco president who is going to replace Luiz Trabuco on March 12, 2018.

The news came in the middle of new plans to transform the business operations of the company. The new decision of the company to choose Octavio De Lazari Junior as Bradesco’s new Man in Charge is one of the biggest news in the company today. This means a lot of changes and a lot of fantastic project transitions that may make or break the future of the company. So what’s next with Bradesco with this new management?

The Bank’s Image Ahead

Everyone knows that Bradesco is one of the largest banks in Brazil. With the new role that the new Chairman of the Bank, it just means that the bank will do its best to sustain the reputation that it already has right now. It is also the primary goal of the new management to sustain its prominence both in the international and national financial markets.

Despite the new management, it will be noteworthy to say that Trabuco will still be positioning himself as the Chairman of the Board of Executive directors until he ends his term on March 12, which will be his last Ordinary General Meeting. This is a lot of new changes to Luiz Trabuco, but his skillset and talents are a buffer against the new changes in the roles he’s going to experience after his role in the bank.


About Luiz Trabuco

In line with the recent events, it might be helpful to know a bit more about the business information and background of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. For a start, we already know that he’s been acting as the Chief Executive Officer of Banco Bradesco, S.A. he held the position since March 10, 2009. He’s also held the role of an Executive Vice President for the same company. Before that, the loyalty of Mr. Trabuco Cappi has already been invested fully in Bradesco, because he also held the CEO of Bradesco Previdencia e Seguros S.A.

The business skills of Trabuco and his ability to manage a large-scale multinational bank have also been tested as he became the Managing Director of Banco Bradesco S.A. When he held the Departmental Director of Bradesco from 1984 to 1992, he also impressed upon the management of Bradesco that he has all that it takes to manage a company that for others would be hard to do.

The education of Mr. Trabuco has also been the transformation in the success that he has experienced right now. He went to the Foundation School of Sociology and Politics in Sao Paulo. He also got a Liberal Arts degree from the University of Sau Paulo, majoring under the Philosophy and Sciences department. Truly, the hard work he does for and before Bradesco has been worth emulating.

Check more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi:

Michael Lacey: American Mathematician

Michael Lacey is a well-known American Mathematician whose mentorship has led students to succeed in the field themselves. Some of the students he has come to mentor went on to be granted post-doctoral positions at some of the top Ivy League school such as Yale, Berkely, and Brown. Read more: Michael Lacey |Math Alliance and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

Throughout his career, he has advised and guided dozens of students including ten post-docs and counting. His dedication to his students is so strong that many at least partially attribute their success to Michael Lacey’s assistance.

In 2012, he was presented with the National Science Foundation ADVANCE Mentoring Award for having mentored leading Assistant Professors in his school of mathematics. Aside from offering direct mentorship to students, he also directs training grants for students at all levels through the National Science Foundation. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

These awards are the Vertical Integration of Research and Education (VIGRE) and the Mentoring Through Critical Transition Points (MCTP) awards which have been awarded to dozens of students and paid for years of post-doctoral study. Michael Lacey has had a strong relationship with the National Science Foundation since they offered him his first post-doctoral fellowship in 1990.

Michael Lacey received his B.S. in mathematics from the University of Texas and his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois in 1987.

While studying for his doctorates and thesis a the University of Illinois at Urbana, he was under the mentorship of award-winning mathematician Walter Philip. Michael Lacey and Walter Philip continued their professional life in research together well after Lacey completed his thesis on Banach Spaces.

Lacey has been employed with the Georgia Institute of Technology since 1998. While he may have begun his career with Georgia Tech as an Associate Professor without tenure, as of 2001 he is a Full Professor and furthermore, he is the Associate Chair for Faculty as of 2017.

From 1989 to 1996, Michael Lacey was an Assistant Professor at Indiana University in Bloomington. His first postgraduate positions were at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge.

Fabletics Utilizes The Power Of The In Crowd

The popular crowd determines what makes or breaks fashion. Without them no brand or retailer can expect to have any success. That’s why Kate Hudson has spent so much time trying to build the Fabletics brand and bring in more people through social media. Her plans have paid off and we can now see the success of Fabletics vs its competitors by merely looking at which companies have managed to have the greatest impact and which ones seem to be able to stand up to the new online giants. By all means Fabletics is doing much better than anyone else on the market and much of that has to do with the specific style of brand management that Hudson has employed.


When companies decide to use the power of the crowd to grow their brand, they tap into social media and the way that people herd towards those who obtain the most influence. Social media has made word of mouth one of the most useful and easily implemented marketing brands. Fortunately, Hudson has understood this and became an early adopter of the approach. While other companies were focused on trying to build their brand through the use of commercials and other traditional forms of advertisement, Hudson used this new more tech savvy approach. It paid off and made Fabletics what it is today. We don’t need to look far to see examples of this brand at work or gaining popularity.


The online giants are destroying physical retail as we know it. You can go anywhere without seeing the destruction of retail and the loss of this important cornerstone of American commerce. Anyone can now go on this major websites and find products. Fabletics has gone the opposite direction of online retail and actually offers its customers a way to find products in physical locations. That isn’t the traditional formula but it seems to be working. People like shopping at these locations and they continue to buy the products even when they can buy them in store. There is something about Fabletics that other companies need to repeat if they are going to succeed.


Kate Hudson understands that the popular crowd isn’t going to hold on to something simply because they are told to and there must be something done in order to keep them involved. That’s exactly why the branding for Fabletics continues to bring in so many people for social media in order to continue this grip. She wants people to understand that the athletic wear being offered by Fabletics is going to be around for a long time and will be hearing about them for many years. This strategy of using the power of the crowd to get customers has paid off big time and will continue to years from now. She has found a specific market and understands how to reach them. If this continues the legacy of Fabletics will prove that companies do much better when they focus on herding their customers into the right place.

Sentient AI – Conversion Rate Optimization

The Sentient AI technology is disrupting conversion rate optimization in ways tht the public may never have dreamed of. The growing partnership with Ascend network has provided an amazing way for companies to increase their return on investment ratios and boost their bottom lines. They have helped hundreds of companies by providing this amazing new service and plan to continue their great work. The sites that have benefitted from Sentient AI’s techoogy have seen increases in their key metrics and they are eager to learn new eways to implement the software. Through the use of real sentient technology (well, almost fully sentient) they can learn your customers’ behavior and adjust your website accordingly. Visit to know more about Sentient.

For those companies who want to build or grow even more successful in their online presence they know that getting the customer to their site is only the first part of the battle. The hard work comes in when you want to transform those customers into buyers. You want them to take the action that you desire. To do that you must understand what motivates your customer, you must know what they are looking for and how they want it presented to them. They do not want to see a half baked lackluster site just popped in front of them. No. They want the action buttons that spin, they want color, they want information (not too much information), and most important of all they want it fast. Sentient AI can help with your conversion rate optimization by providing you with all of this.


Companies that want to squeeze the most profit possible out of their conversion rate optimization strategy prefer to use an automated route. They can cut back on the manpower and labor hours so that staff can focus on the important tasks. SEO is a constantly changing battleground and next to staying up all night poring over hundred of documents about Google’s latest algorithm, it’s nearly impossible for any team to keep up. The software provided by Sentient AI makes it a snap to stay on top of the latest trends and changes. You will always be one step ahead and on top of your game with this amazing software suite. For the companies who want to increase their conversion rate optimization returns they want to go with the software that has a built in brain. Sentient AI has helped numerous companies and it can help you too.

Bernardo Chua: Successful Marketing Maven And Caring Medical Professional

Bernardo Chua is not only a marketing maven, he’s also considered by many people to be an experienced medical professional. Chua came to prominence as a marketing executive with Gano Excel. But part of the reason he was so successful was because he believed the ganoderma mushroom used in the products offered many health benefits.

This made Chua passionate about promoting the products. His Chinese grandparents told him the ganoderma mushroom had been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years and Chua wanted to teach the world about the medicinal benefits of ganoderma infused products.

Within three years of his hiring, Bernardo Chua had helped Gano Excel grow from a small company in the Philippines into a multilevel marketing juggernaut with customers and regional branches in Hong Kong, Canada and the United States.

Chua moved to California soon afterwards and was made Gano Excel USA’s president. Chua quickly recruited a huge marketing team and an enormous number of customers. A major part of their marketing message was the potential health benefits of using ganoderma infused Gano Excel products.

In 2008, Bernardo Chua gave up his position with Gano Excel and started his own company. It was called Organo Gold and it offered nutritious ganoderma infused coffees, teas and other ingestible products. Chua’s marketing network eventually grew to over one million people.

In 2015, Chua changed the company’s name to Organo. The company offers a wide range of products that not only contains the ganoderma mushroom extract, but grapeseed oil as well. Chua has received wide media coverage where he has spoken about both ganoderma and grapeseed oil offering medicinal benefits. Read more: Bernardo Chua Recommends Grapeseed Oil As The Next Big Healthy Supplement and Bernardo Chua: Founder And CEO Of Organo Gold

In his role of promoting the health benefits of grapeseed oil and ganoderma extract, some say Chua is a medical professional that has helped many people to improve their health and quality of life by using the products he developed.

Both the ganoderma mushroom and grapeseed oil are rich in nutritious chemical compounds and powerful antioxidants and have been used in Asia for hundreds of years. Chua has won a number of awards for his products and his companies.

Learn more about Bernado Chua:

Bernardo Chua Recommends Grapeseed Oil As The Next Big Healthy Supplement

Betsy DeVos Turns Into Political Fighter for Education Reform.

The future of education is firmly in the hands of someone who was not known on the national political scene, Betsy DeVos. This is, of course, by design. The Trump Administration rose in power during the 2016 Presidential Elections due entirely to the fact that they appealed to the common voter, offering to drain the swamp and fundamentally shift the dynamic away from career politicians and into the hands of people who otherwise never would have had a chance. Betsy DeVos is a reformer and a former chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party. Her nomination, and confirmation as the new Secretary of Educationwas not a fluke. DeVos comes into Washington D.C. with a new perspective on education and one that was carefully selected by President Trump himself.


Betsy DeVos has spent the past thirty years becoming a champion for what we now know as ‘school choice’. School choice is, for lack of a better word, a concept that pushes for less government interference in the role of public education. Originally conceptualized by Milton Friedman more than fifty years ago, Betsy DeVos has been absolutely integral in keeping the subject alive while simultaneously making more and more people aware of it. This bulldog-like passion for school choice put her on the map as an early Secretary of Education candidate and it is what helped propel her up the ranks and into the position itself.


For Betsy DeVos, school choice was cemented in her mind when she visited the Potter’s House Christian School more than 30 years ago. When DeVos was seeking education for her children at the time, she and Dick DeVos went to this school in order to see how effective school choice actually was. DeVos says, “While we were at the school, we met parents who were doing everything in their power to have their kids in an environment that was safe.” DeVos goes on to describe the environment as “electric with curiosity, with love for one another.” It was easy to see that this environment made a real impacton DeVos and as a result, she would go all-in on supporting it going forward.


Thanks to the work of Betsy DeVos, school choice has become one of the fastest rising education concepts in the country. There are more than 250,000 students enrolled in 33 publicly funded institutes across 17 different states. These numbers are just eye-popping considering where the school choice movement was just a decade ago. Now, DeVos is in a national position and she’ll have the direct ability to bring school choice to more states than ever before.


Still, things won’t be easy in Washington for Betsy DeVos. As a political outsider, DeVos is already seeing that the system will fight to protect itself. After narrowly being confirmed to her position, which saw VP Mike Pence have to take the floor to cast a tie-breaker, DeVos has met resistance on every level. Fortunately, she has shown her bulldog prowess in each meeting and politicians are starting to understand that she is more of a fighter than they had believed. Learn more:

Equities First UK Customers Get Better Service
Customers of Equities First in the UK get much better service than anyone else because they can go right to the office and ask for help. There are applications in the office to fill out, and there are people in the office who offer the best service for everyone. The loans that people get from this company are determined by the people who underwrite them. The company likes to be very quick about this, and they help their customers by showing them how the loans can be paid off. They help to pick out terms that will make the loans amenable for everyone, and they will give customers service any time that it is needed.

The company is there to be sure that the customers feel more comfortable, and the company knows that they do not need much information from customers. The customers can get any business or personal loan easily

Fagali’I Airport: The Portal To Paradise

The Samoan Fagali’I airport is located 1.7 kilometers East of the city of Apia on the island of Samoa. There is just one paved runway in what looks to be a very uninhabited area. The airport was reopened in 2009 and is currently owned by Polynesian Airlines. The airport provides international flights to Pago Pago, American Samoa and has four airlines that operate from the airport. These include, Polynesian Airlines, Samoa Air, South Pacific Island Airways and Talofa Airways.

The reopening of the Fagali’I airport was controversial as it had been previously closed in 2005 due to village and government concerns over safety, noise and pollution. However the airport has remained open for the past 9 years without much opposition. The concerns about reopening the airport were the potential devastating effects of building up the local economy for the sake of the airport and influx of tourists only to see the scheme fail and the economy ruined. However, the airport scheme to improve the economy, attract tourists and international investments has seemed to work in recent years.

The Fagali’I Airport has allowed for a rapid influx of tourists, which has affected the local economy in many ways. Unemployment has decreased, international investment has increased and the airport enables the importation of foreign goods and services on

According to The increased number of tourists due to the Fagali’I Airport has increased the number of hotels in and around the beautiful area of Apia, Upolu. The beaches, hotels and increased wealth has made life easier for the local community, because there are more jobs and opportunities as well.

Incredable four and five star hotels and resorts have amassed on the beaches of Apia, Upolu according to Taumeasina Island Resort for example, is a five star resort just 1.5 km from the Fagali’I Airport. Large international hotel chains such as, the Sheraton Samoa Aggie Gray’s Hotel & Bungalows has also taken advantage of this island paradise.

Many still don’t know about this hidden paradise on the island of Samoa, but perhaps with the help of the Fagali’I Airport that will all change.

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Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund: Fighting For DREAMers

Since the Trump administration announced the ending of the DACA program, many DREAMers are faced with the possibility of deportation. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals keeps undocumented individuals safe from deportation while granting many the opportunity to obtain a state driver’s licence and in-state-tuition fees. To be eligible, applicants must meet the strict criteria of being under the age of 31 and continuously lived in the United States before their 16th birthday. While being present in U.S. from 2007 to the present, those seeking relief from deportation must be currently studying or have graduated from high school. Conviction of any felonies, certain misdemeanors or a combination of three or more misdemeanors results in an application refusal.

Created five years ago, the DACA program or DREAMers has contributed millions of dollars into the college and university education system. A total of ninety-five percent of DREAMers either work and/or study, investing time into their education, creating and running businesses. While pursuing the American dream, DREAMers have increased their earnings and therefore pay higher taxes. The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund continuously works to provide information and assistance to those impacted by the ending of the Obama-era DACA program.

Currently, the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is fighting legislation for a permanent solution to protect DREAMers. In response to the ending of the DACA program, legal action has been threatened by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Advocates for the program, the Hispanic Caucus recently met with John Kelly, the Secretary of Homeland Security. In the meeting, the Hispanic Caucus learned that the 800,000 people protected by the DACA program were no longer protected. With the phasing off of the program, new applicants will no longer be considered, nor will renewal be possible.