Sweetgreen co-Founders and how they have Created a New Fast Food Model

Most legacy restaurant companies would want to resemble Sweetgreen if they could start from scratch. Sweetgreen is a leading salad chain supported by big-name investors such of Danny Meyer, Daniel Boulud, and Steve Case.

In today’s food industry, Sweetgreen hits all of the correct notes. It’s organic, local, fresh, and healthy recipe is resonated with a wide range of diners, who line up at its 40 locations.

According to Nathaniel Ru, Sweetgreen’s co-CEO, their aim is to come up with a brand that means something. Their idea is to provide better food to more people.

There is so much for traditional chains to learn from Sweetgreen rather than just food. Sweetgreen’s co-CEO’s are Georgetown University classmates and have been pioneers of tech.

Unsurprisingly, approximately 30 percent of the brand’s transactions are made via its mobile app or website. According to Ru, technology has always been in their DNA. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:  http://bitsylink.com/2017/07/27/nathaniel-ru-talks-about-sweetgreens/ and https://patch.com/california/across-ca/nathaniel-rus-vision-sweetgreen

The three are also reconsidering management strategies. In an effort to stay closer to its customers, Sweetgreen almost shuts down completely the corporate office about five times yearly to allow everyone work in its various restaurants.

Recently, the company opened its Los Angeles offices and operates without central headquarters. Its co-CEOs can be said to be bicoastal as they work to grow the brand nationally.

According to Nathaniel Ru, his partners and him don’t believe in large corporate headquarters. Their desire is to decentralize their headcount. Nicholas Jammet and Jonathan Neman, Ru’s fellow co-CEO took an entrepreneurship class at Georgetown University where they met.

Another interesting fact about the trio is that their parents are first-generation immigrants and started their own businesses.

The trio felt that the area around Georgetown lacked healthy eating choices. Therefore, they focused on providing healthy eating options to Georgetown customers in August 2007 when they launched their very first restaurant immediately after graduating from college.

In 2004, the three told Fortune that they were aware that they would endure as a business when they managed their first winter break.

Nathaniel was born in Pasadena, California. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Georgetown University in 2007. He met his fellow co-CEOs and co-Founders Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet while in school.

Together with his partners, they launched sweetlife, a music festival that has developed to become the largest food and music festival on the East Coast. The festival features high-profile musicians such as Kendrick Lamar, the Strokes, Phoenix, and Lana Del Rey.