The Best Wines From The Traveling Vineyard

All those who enjoy wine would like to taste different flavors. This is why they buy different wine bottles from the Traveling Vineyard Store. People always like to try out new wines while traveling through the French countryside or when they are with their friends.

France is well-known as a wine-producing country. This is because of its soil, as well as climate is optimal for growing grapes. This is why the French have been in the business of making wine for centuries now. In fact, it has become part of their culture now. People are flocking to France in order to travel various wine routes and experience the wines from each location.

This is where Traveling Vineyard can really help out. It can chart out a tour through this wine country. Several well-known brands are known to open their vineyards for the general public. This is where they offer tours along with wine tastings too. The smaller vintners may provide bed and breakfasts too. This would allow a look at their wine-making processes also. The smaller cellars also allow a closer look at the making of wines.

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Traveling Vineyard recommends Champagne in any wine tour. This is a unique region that is close to Paris. This means that there is no need to do excessive rural driving in order to access this wine region. There are several prominent winemakers here. These include Champagne Tribaut, besides Champagne Fallet Dart as well as Champagne Aspasie.

Champagne Tribaut does not charge anything for a tasting. There will be delicious hors d’oeuvres served on a terrace that overlooks their sprawling vineyard. They can organize a tour of their cellar in case an advanced notice is provided. The town of Hautvillers has the grave of Dom Perignon. He is the man credited with inventing Champagne.

Just 80 km away from Paris is Champagne Fallet Dart. This is a family that was making wine earlier and has entered the world of Champagne quite recently. This family is known today for producing excellent champagnes along with several other specialty aperitifs.

Next is the Aspasie winery in a farmhouse. Here people can see how champagne is made.

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