The Reality of Online Reputation Management

Today’s world is largely online. Which can be great for those who’ve always maintained an upstanding self-image, but everyone has had that “what was I thinking” moment. Perhaps it wasn’t just a moment, but rather a string of poorly made, publicly posted, decisions. Maybe you’ve not cared to create an online presence, or maybe someone created a smear campaign against you, and that’s all anyone trying to find your business information can see, right there, on the front page of Google. In all these scenarios, enter the online reputation management personnel, to help rectify the aforementioned situations.

According to Forbes magazine online, the business of online reputation management is more about burying negative images, rather than deleting them. Evidently once something has been posted online; it stays online, due to the shady nature in which the laws surrounding online contents are written. They don’t just create one giant cover-up however; they are responsible for creating a positive online presence for their clients.

As the author at Forbes so keenly asked, why couldn’t someone do this you? The short answer is, because all photos, social media posts, and other seemingly arbitrary information about people is compiled using an algorithm, and unless one knows how to crack it, or change it, one would need the help of a reputation management team. There is a fair point to be made here, most people are aware that companies do check their social media accounts for damaging information before making a hiring decision, but as reveals few are aware of what a Google search of their name would show. So while a person may think they are being careful concerning their online presence, there may yet be skeletons they’ve not hidden well enough.

The takeaway here is this, if you intend to be in business in today, it would benefit you to have a positive online image, and this is not something the vast majority of people are capable of doing alone. Therefore, it should be worth the monetary investment to have an online reputation management team at work for you.