Waiakea water

Waiakea water is a brand of water that is fairly new, as it was released in 2012 and is dedicated to health and the environment. This water begins its process in Hawaii at the Waiakea spring where it runs down through the volcano where it runs through a series of natural filters in the earthen rock.

This all natural water provides many health benefits including, keeping you young, helps with weight lose, building muscles, keeps you smart, and is good for joint health.

In regards to keeping you young drinking water is one of the key necessities because it keeps your skin moist without drinking enough water the bodies natural defenses kick in and start keeping it in storage by making the skin puffy and increasing noticability of fine lines and wrinkles.

Next it increases muscle build by increasing the oxygen flow that goes to your muscles helping perform a longer work out. It also can increase your ability to learn or be smart by increasing your brain function by up to 30 percent. Lastly it keeps helps with joint health by keeping your joints working smoothly and keeping them lubricated well.

Waiakea water also has multiple enhancing features that make it one of a kind. This water is naturally filtered by the thousands of feet of volcanic rock that it flows through which also enriches it with vitamins and minerals that encourage some of the health benefits previously discussed. These vitamins and minerals include magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, and silica.

Aquagrade revealed that the most important thing that Waiakea water does is supports charity. They have sponsored 6 pumps in Malwi that provide clean drinking water for communities that do not have that advantage.

They also have a clean water project that at this point has donated more than 500 million liters of water that provide clean drinking water for people all over the world that have the misfortune of not having it.

This is a joint effort between Waiakea and pump aid that is there to try to eliminate water born illness and provide people with water that is not only good to drink but taste great.

Learn more about Waiakea water: http://www.newyou.com/health/fresh-volcano-water/

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